Idols SA contestants Phindy and Christo in love

December 07, 2017 at 13:33
Idols SA contestants Phindy and Christo in love

Idols SA contestants Phindy Dube and Christo Daniels are together. After months of speculation, 19 year old Phindy confirmed this on social media.



“My MCE, I have a picture for each day of the week and a bonus. You keep me smiling like a lunatic even on rainy days. ‘You’re doing great sweety.’ I walked into a competition and left with prizes but my favorite prize has to be your heart.”

Before the confirmation, rumor had it that Phindi and Christo were more than friends. The two were each others biggest supporters.

When they started posting pictures on each other, it was almost clear there was something brewing between them.


  1. But Christo looks gay though. is he straight or ….???

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