K.O lands major endorsement deal

August 20, 2018 at 13:33
K.O lands major endorsement deal

Rapper K.O has been making money moves of late.

He recently announced that he has partnered with street wear sports brand – Asics Tiger.


“A new legacy begins: My honor and pleasure to share with you the news of my newly formed partnership with @asicstigersa! Thank you to my business partner @tsholosa, @sartori_theempoweredathlete and the @asicstigersa team for bringing this vision to fruition. I am super stoked for us to do culture-shifting stuff in SA and worldwide as we build together from this day forth! #ASICSTIGER #LEGACY,” he wrote.

This could be the start of yet another money making partnership for K.O.

Comgratulations to him.





  1. Congratulations

  2. You are going places

  3. Big up

  4. You deserve it

  5. Congratulations

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