Keenan Arrison speaks on working with Alicia Vikander

March 13, 2018 at 09:59
Keenan Arrison speaks on working with Alicia Vikander

Keenan Arrison has spoken about his role in the soon to be released film, Tomb Raider. He spoke about how much it is an honor and blessing, being part of this film.



Keenan’s character Rocket is one of five mercenaries who works for the antagonist Mathias Vogel played by Walter Goggins.

“In this team of five, Rocket is the fiery loose cannon, always ready for action. Hence the name, (pocket) Rocket. He is part of an elite special ops force of mercenaries, selected to be on the island.”

He continues: “Their job is to oversee the ‘dig’ in search of a hidden cave which holds a secret treasure. They have been stuck on this island searching and digging for seven years, when suddenly the key (Lara Croft) arrives to the island-in search of her father.”

Rocket has a number of fight scenes for which Keenan went through a lot of training for his role, especially because of the fight scenes.

“The stunt team put us through our physical paces with technical fight sequences and choreography, helping us to perform and deliver confidently.

“The weapons training with the armourers was a week-long boot camp at a secret location where we learned all we needed to know about the types of weapons and how to handle them skillfully, effortlessly and most importantly, safely.”

Alicia Vikander

Acting alongside Alicia Vikander in one of the scenes was a dream come true for Keenan. He says he learnt so much from her.

“I spent 3 to 4 days with her on set alone for this major scene. The scene itself has a great deal of chemistry between us and she made it easier for me as an actor to bring so much to my character onscreen. She made me look good more than anything and the scene turned out great in the end.”



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  5. Legendary moviee

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