Maps Maponyane amaizing apartment transformation

December 14, 2018 at 10:47
Maps Maponyane amaizing apartment transformation

Maps revealed he was renovating his house a couple of months ago and the end results are breathtaking.

Taking to social media he shared the before and after photos of the house.


He shared before and after pictures of his home where the beginning stages of the renovations can be seen before an impressive hotel-styled living area is revealed.

“Adulting isn’t easy, but it can be worth it. Home,” he wrote.

In a Twitter post, Maps also revealed that he had wanted this for a long time.

“I’ve wanted this so bad. Home. Finally. Before. After,” he wrote.

Take a Look at the photos


  1. Wow amazing

  2. I bet Nomzamo did it for him

  3. He is growing

  4. A boy becomes a man

  5. Nice transformation

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