Nwabisa Mxakatho speaks on her debut album

April 16, 2018 at 10:00
Nwabisa Mxakatho speaks on her debut album

Nwabisa Mxakatho’s debut album Iphupho Lam is one that will show you just how much she is talented.

She samples the electric guitar in Xhosa rhythms. Her content grabs your attention even more.


In Nwabisa’s song Diamonds for instance, she talks about women who changed the course of history, and those who fell victim to abuse.

“In 2018, women should be working together to fight rape and other social ills, and should empower each other.”

In another song Iphupho, Nwabisa expresses her dream of seeing Africans loving themselves.

“Africa is the poorest of the continents, but I know that we are powerful.

“We just need to unleash our potential and the damage of being brainwashed that we are not good enough.

“We are powerful beyond measure.”

Nwabisa’s album will give you the motivation to be proud of who you are, and do more.

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