‘I owe no one good English’ – Diski Diva’s Sibongile Masuku

September 13, 2017 at 15:27
'I owe no one good English' - Diski Diva's Sibongile Masuku

Diski Divas star Sibongile Masuku has come out blazing against critics who have continuously mocked her on social media over her English. She says, the language is not a priority in her life.

Sibongile revealed that she proudly speaks three African languages, and that she owes no one good English. “I am a pedi girl, Born and raised in the village of Sinthumule in Limpopo. I went to school there and stayed there for most of my life. I only moved to Jo’burg in 2012 after I met my husband. I am fluent in Sepedi, ShiVenda and Zulu and people still have the audacity to ask me to speak proper English? I don’t owe anyone good English.”


The diski diva said she knew before she agreed to be on the show that she would get criticism. “I know who I am‚ so I knew that people would have something to say about the way I say what’s on my mind. I knew that people would pick at my body‚ my face and the way I speak but the people that matter know who I am already‚ so I don’t really care for the negative comments‚” she said. With the help of her family and husband, she said she mentally prepared herself to deal with people’s opinions of her, which she doesn’t care about.

“I was a paramedic by profession. A practicing paramedic‚ but most people don’t know that. Instead they assume that I am dumb because I am a Diski Diva. That’s not the case‚ I just happen to be a wife of a soccer player but that’s not all that I am‚” she said.

Sibongile’s children

She practiced as a full time paramedic until earlier this year when she resigned to be a ‘stay at home’ mother, so as to give her children stability especially because her husband is often away from home on soccer matches.

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you are right let them mind their own


Yes baby,tell them loudly

Phindile J

You are right mrs


I agree with u i also dont care at all


You make me happy for apparently no reason


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