Pearl Thusi speaks on her marital status, motherhood, and business

March 13, 2018 at 13:24
Pearl Thusi speaks on her marital status, motherhood, and business

In a recent interview on Touch HD, Pearl Thusi revealed her high flying status has affected parts of her private life, but it is a sacrifice she is willing to take.

Marital status

She revealed that she has been single for eight months. For Pearl, it is hard to date within South Africa.



“I’ve been single for eight months, I’ve been single for a while..the truth is, I struggle to get into a relationship in South Africa because I’m afraid of why somebody will be getting in a relationship with me or why I’m getting into a relationship with them. I can’t even play with someone because, for me, it’s like, who are they gonna tell, am I a trophy, and there are all these other things I need to think of.”

She has decided to widen her relationship borders and have an open mind in terms of race.

“I’m still optimistic but I’ve decided to open up the borders and keep my mind open and keep my relationship opportunities quite democratic in terms of race. One thing I’ve learned is, if I’m not a hundred percent, I can’t expect to be completed by somebody else, I want for us to create fireworks as two complete people who are going to make the world a better place.”


Pearl’s career requires her to travel a lot. A thing that may affect her daughter. She however says her daughter understands that this is a sacrifice she has to make.

“She cries every time I leave, she’s sad but she understands the purpose of it all, she’s got big dreams, I always tell her I don’t want her to wish that Ariana Grande or Beyonce or anybody else…was her mother, I want her to be glad that I’m her mom and for me to make her proud, these are the sacrifices we need to make, she’s got a father who also loves and supports her, so it makes us stronger but it’s difficult.”


Since launching her Black Pearl hair care products in November of 2015, Pearl will be making her first cheque in April.

“I’m only gonna cut my first cheque from next month, it’s been a while, it’s almost three years now…I’m only getting my first cheque now in April, almost three years later. People don’t understand the thing about hard work and patience, our hair care range is doing so well, the feedback is so insane.”


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  5. I can relate

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