Pitch Black Afro to be arraigned in court

January 11, 2019 at 08:46
Pitch Black Afro to be arraigned in court

Pitch Black Afro will appear in court today as he is being accused of his wife’s murder.

The two were married for 23 years before her untimely death.


Speaking to Daily Sun on Tuesday before he was arrested, the rapper was confident. He said if he was responsible for his wife’s murder the cops would have bust him by now.

The People’s Paper reported yesterday on the death of Catherine Modusane, known as Trisha, who died on 31 December due to unknown causes.

According to a source close to the couple, a fight between Pitch Black Afro and the dead woman started at a friend’s flat in Bellevue, Joburg, when she told their friends that 2019 would be their year because they had cracked an Illuminati code.

“We could see the anger build on Pitch Black Afro’s face,” said the source. “He told her it was not for everybody to know and it was supposed to be their secret.”

Pitch Black Afro and Trisha then went back to their B&B, but Trisha was soon back at the flat, claiming she had been beaten.

“When we went to check up on them in the morning, Trisha appeared to be sleeping but she had bruises on her face.”

There were bloody towels in the room which were later taken by the cops. “I could see she was lifeless but I thought she had overdosed. But then what would have explained the bruises?”

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