Sade Giliberti shares challenges of coming out a lesbian

October 12, 2017 at 09:49
Sade Giliberti shares challenges of coming out a lesbian

Television presenter and actress Sade Giliberti opened up on the challenges of coming out as a lesbian.

“When you decide to come out, automatically you’re the bravest person you know. It takes massive courage to be YOU in this world! Coming out isn’t the easiest thing, I know,” she said.

Sharing this on her social media account, she talks about how hard and terrifying it is to come out.


“To all my brothers and sisters out there who have had the courage to come out, hello and hi. I salute you, as I know how hard and terrifying it can be.”

Sade said she came out to her father when she was 19. Before, it was already obvious she was a lesbian.

“I remember he was so shocked and angry, even though I had had my 1st GF by this time, whom had been in our house many a time looking gay AF. Publicly, well, a certain reporter who at the time worked for a certain magazine, beat me to my own public coming out party,” she explained.

Back then, there were few lesbians on South African television and she feared coming out as she would lose out on a job opportunity.

Encouraging others, she said, “to those who refuse to hide in the shadows, you’re the bravest people out there! For those who are too fearful to come out, of course you are, the world is filled with people who refuse to understand. But, I will say this, find the courage one day within yourself so you can be true to you.”

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That is courageous especially when society is against it


Sometimes it best to keep it to yourself


Be true and you will be free


Being a les is like a curse i tell u


Ladies,what is wrong with u these days?

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