Soweto pastor talks about her struggle to beat cancer twice

October 11, 2017 at 06:37
Soweto pastor talks about her struggle to beat cancer twice

Cindy Mbanjwa, a Soweto pastor, has spoken about her two time experience with cancer.

The 30-year old founder of Shekinah Glory Outreach Ministry is fighting stage 3 cancer. In 2015, her son died of the same disease. He was only two.


Her son Nkazimulo was born with neuroblastoma, a cancer that starts in nerve cells of an embryo or foetus.

Mbanjwa is waging war for her survival from cervical cancer.

“When I got Nkazimulo, he was restless. He liked being carried by everyone, and one day I discovered that he had a blue eye. I assumed that he had fallen and no one told me. He was sweaty in the night and didn’t pass urine.

“One Sunday, one of the ladies said I should take him to Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital and it was there that we discovered that he was born with cancer, and it was already stage four.

“The doctors had wanted me to abort him because of the condition of my womb, but I didn’t agree. It was a difficult time for me too because the father of the child also denied paternity. It affected me badly but I had faith.”

Mbanjwa is still going for more procedures and tests so that she can start with chemotherapy.

“God has a sense of humor. I’m not worried because I know I will come out of this stronger because God is faithful and I will share my experience with others.

“Life teaches you to stand and know who you are in Christ. I have been raped, homeless and faced rejection, and when challenges like this come they seem easy to beat.”

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