Take a look at Amanda Du-Pont engagement bling (Video)

July 11, 2018 at 09:11
Take a look at Amanda Du-Pont engagement bling (Video)

Amanda du-Pont recently announced her engagement to her long-time boyfriend Shawn Rodriques .



She posted a video on Instagram to express her excitement and surprise at the proposal.And we finally got to see the engagement bling.

In the video Amanda cups her mouth with her left hand, to show off her round cut diamond ring.

“In shock I picked up my camera to Vlog right after the proposal…as I had been vlogging the trip for my YouTube channel. But clearly I had no idea what I was doing and just broke down in tears?? It’s ok to be vulnerable ?? I’m only human, this proposal touched me so deep. Thank you for all your well wishes and prayers. We are very grateful???? I love you @shawnrodriques and God has answered our prayers,” she captioned the video.

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