Thandeka King speaks on her struggle with depression

May 15, 2018 at 08:59
Thandeka King speaks on her struggle with depression

Thandeka King  opened up to TshisaLIVE  that she has struggled with depression and anxiety for several years‚ with her most recent hospitalisation leaving her drained and desperate for the cycle to end.

She explained that after finishing a gruelling season of Lockdown‚ she went through an emotionally taxing storyline on Uzalo. To her fans‚ it looked like she was on top of her game and slaying the screens‚ but inside she was “crumbling”.


“The environment‚ anxiety‚ exhaustion- you name it. My body fell apart and I was back in hospital again. Even though I was doing well in my career‚ my body needed rest and so it shut down. I couldn’t move. It was a difficult place to be in (mentally). I was in hospital for a week and a half.”

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