Thishiwe Ziqubu is back, and better

February 11, 2019 at 08:30
Thishiwe Ziqubu is back, and better

Actress Thishiwe Ziqubu made her grand return for the first time since finishing her ancestral calling. She appeared with her partner, Mandisa Nduna. This was at the premiere of MTV Shuga in Johannesburg.

On the red carpet, she was in her traditional healer bead work.


Her homecoming celebration was two weeks ago.

“I just finished everything two weeks ago. So I’m like a newborn baby. It’s my first time leaving the house today to come here.

“So that’s why I’m all over the place because I’m just overwhelmed.”

Thishiwe is part of the team of directors, having directed five episodes of the series.

“It is nice to walk on the same path as your ancestors and just stop fighting the calling because I fought it for a long time,” she explained.

“To have reached oneness with my truth and calling it’s very rewarding.

“Yes, I’m also practising, I didn’t answer my calling just to appease my ancestors. So my job as an artist and healer go hand-in-hand… I take both of them very seriously.”

She was filled with gratitude to her partner, who has been there for her throughout her spiritual journey.

“Oh child! Romance is going well. I have been chosen and gifted. Mandisa Nduna is absolutely an amazing partner. I love her to death and she loves me to death,” she gushed.

“We are in a beautiful place and she supported me throughout this wonderful spiritual journey.”

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