Tumi Morake accused of racism

September 13, 2017 at 14:18
Tumi Morake accused of racism

Media personality Tumi Morake found herself at the centre of discussion in regard to an opinion she gave regarding conversations surrounding culture.

The conversation started after a concert in New Zealand featuring Steve Hofmeyr was cancelled, due to expat protests. They spoke to African-European Indaba founder Johan de Villiers who said that Hofmeyr represented was not what the majority of Afrikaans in South Africa represent.


In the audio, Morake mentions how emotional she gets by the way these conversations about culture tend to go. She says that conversations that involve certain groups should leave her people out of it. She further says that because this is about a group of people that Steve Hofmeyr represents, it should not be about black people.

During the breakfast show today morning, Morake spoke on the issue and said she had nothing to be sorry for.

Tumi Morake and Martin Bester

Jacaranda FM released a statement saying:

Jacaranda FM supports a non-racial society and does not condone hate speech in any form on its platform or in any part of our society. The station’s on-air content aims to promote important and meaningful discussions, with the intention of building and uniting South Africa as a nation. We support the need to have these conversations which we believe is an important part of our role in society. We are further committed to allowing the expression of different viewpoints and perspectives by facilitating these conversations.

Kevin Fine, the station’s general manager said, “Jacaranda FM is a part of a richly diverse community of South Africa and we are committed to being a home for fun, music, entertainment, sharing of information, and the sharing of views. As with any home, sometimes these conversations and views can be uncomfortable. But, for as long as they are necessary we will always be a place where they can live.”




  1. Tumi Morake should be humble

  2. SA will never grow out of racsim if we continue like this

  3. We need unity in this is issue now than evr

  4. Racism is a disease in SA we are in denial

  5. Maciline Bokamoso : September 13, 2017 at 3:00 pm

    unbelievable in this day and age

  6. Johan de Villiers : September 14, 2017 at 9:11 pm

    I fully agree with Tumi Morake. After her and Martin’s interview with me she stated her opinions about the fact that the rightwing whites always draw black people into their conversations. It is unfair and politically immature for them to do so, and I fully support Tumi’s sentiments. It is time white Afrikaners know their place in history as oppressors and act accordingly.

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