Uyanda Mbuli addresses love triangle rumors

October 11, 2017 at 14:08
Uyanda Mbuli addresses love triangle rumors

Businesswoman and reality TV star Uyanda Mbuli has come out to address the rumors about her being involved in a love triangle.

Rumors were doing circles that Uyanda and another woman named Joy Molamu, were dating the same man. The man in the middle of this is King Maseko, a Johannesburg businessman. Uyanda opened a case of defamation and crimen injuria against Joy.

According to reports, Joy had accused Uyanda on social media, for asking money from Maseko.

She (Uyanda) decided to clear the air on the rumored love triangle.

Uyanda said: “I don’t know Joyce except for what I’ve read about her. I’ve never met her in person. I was going to meet her at court for the first time.”

She further explained that the man she was rumored to be dating is actually a childhood friend.

“The guy whom she’s dating I guess is my homeboy whom we grew up together. There never was a romantic relationship between me and him. The guy in question I know him to be married to someone else with kids.”

On the money allegations

Uyanda explains she had been financially helping Maseko and was not asking for money from him.

“He has been going through a lot of financial problems with money lent to him by different sources including myself. Indeed I asked the guy for money, but it was for him to return the money he owes me.”

Uyanda opened up a case against Joy because she was tarnishing her name.

“I opened a case of crimen injuria against Joy two days after she violated my rights to dignity. The process took till now to come before court. This bothered me the day it happened for two reasons: 1) It wasn’t true & 2) I am a public figure, a mother and a sister – I can not allow a girl I don’t know with a bad image of sleeping with other people’s husbands to paint me with the same brush. Hope you understand my position and why it bothered me then and still bothers me now. I can’t take the law into my own hands.”

The case is set to be heard on the 30th of October.

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Love is a beautiful thing but when it gets to thing beware


Hope someone doesn’t lose life these triangles are dangerous


This is very sad,sorry


Husbands need to mature up and avoid such nonsense


Love triangles are so many these days,why??


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