As always, Mozzart Bet is offering the World’s highest odds in Germany, Czech Republic and Switzerland.

Aside from the boosted odds, Mozzart also has the Ksh200 Million Super Grand Jackpot of predicting the final results of 20 football matches with a minimum stake of Ksh50.

Manchester City win over Borussia Dortmund, odds 1.79

Man City who have won their last four Champions League matches carry a slight advantage into this fixture having won the first leg 2-1 at home.

Pep Guardiola handed seven of his key players a rest last weekend in readiness for this match which also presents them with an opportunity to redeem themselves from a shocking 2-1 loss to the league returnees.

The Citizens are yet to taste defeat in this season’s tournament and had kept seven clean sheets in a row until Marco Reus broke the run in the first leg.

On the other hand, Dortmund have been knocked out in six of the seven occasions when they suffered defeats in the first leg.

Kick off 10 PM (EAT)

Sparta Prague win over Jablonec, odds 2.15.

Sparta Prague haven’t lost to Baumit Jablonec in the last seven meetings and are undefeated in the previous six away matches. Jablonec have not won their last two home matches.

Kick off 6PM (EAT)

Galen win over Grasshoppers, odds 1.96

St Galen have an history of pulling surprises in the cup. The last time they crossed swords with Grasshoppers, they won 1-0 and statistics show that they have won five out of the last seven meetings.

Grasshoppers lost 4-1 to Xamax at home.

Kick off 7PM (EAT)

Note: Odds are subject to change without notice, but at Mozzart Bet they shall still be the highest across the world. 

IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, today launched a partnership with Philips and Co-op Bank to help smaller businesses in Africa’s health sector purchase essential medical equipment and strengthen their response to COVID-19.

The partnerships are the first under the IFC-led Africa Medical Equipment Facility, designed to provide risk-sharing facilities to help small businesses access up to $300 million in loans and leases.

A local dispensary in rural Kilifi, Kenyan coast (file image)

Through the facility, IFC is partnering with medical equipment manufacturers and local financial institutions to support healthcare providers in East & Central Africa.

The loan size to smaller healthcare providers -which serve more than half of Africa’s population, including low-income patients – is expected to range from $5,000 to $2 million, to help them lease or purchase equipment.

Currently, most smaller healthcare operators in Africa cannot secure bank loans due to their perceived high investment risks, meaning they can’t afford medical equipment, renovations, or to recruit qualified personnel.

“Many smaller healthcare businesses in Africa don’t have the equipment they need to respond to COVID-19 and deliver other vital services,” said Makhtar Diop, IFC’s Managing Director.

Unlocking access to finance can save lives now and will, in the long term, strengthen healthcare systems across the continent.”

Supported by the International Development Association Private Sector Window (IDA-PSW) Blended Finance Facility and the Global Financing Facility for Women, Children and Adolescents (GFF), the facility falls under IFC’s Global Health Platform, which was launched to help developing countries fight the coronavirus pandemic and increase their healthcare systems’ resilience.

“Lack of access to affordable quality healthcare is one of the most pressing issues of our time,” said Winfried Jansen, Health Systems Leader, Philips Africa.

“Philips aims to contribute substantially to improving healthcare in Africa through innovative solutions that are tailored to local needs. Many clinics on the continent would like to invest in new medical technology but find it difficult to obtain the necessary finance. Together with Philips Capital and through this partnership with IFC we are enabling healthcare facilities to make quality healthcare available to a large group of people.”

IFC expects to expand the Africa Medical Equipment Facility to more countries and invites interested financial institutions and equipment manufacturers to contact IFC to explore partnerships

The UEFA Champions League is back again with Mozzart Bet offering the world’s highest odds in Bayern Munich, Chelsea and a League One clash pitting two former Premier League sides, Sunderland and Wigan.


Bayern Munich win over Paris Saint-Germain, odds 2.40

Despite holding a massive 3-2 advantage heading into the second leg, PSG have lost three straight Ligue 1 games at home for the first time since October 2007.

Bayern Munich will be looking to mark their 100th game in the Champions League knockout phase with a win and become only the second club to reach that milestone.

The German champions are also hoping to rekindle their victorious memory when did beat Leeds United at Parc des Princes in 1975 to become European champions.

Kickoff: 10 PM (EAT)

Chelsea win over Porto, odds 1.95

Chelsea are currently enjoying a nine-game unbeaten run in the Champions League with the run seeing them win seven and draw twice.

After being Porto 2-0 away from home in the first leg, Chelsea have now managed to avoid defeat in each of the last six UCL knockout stage fixtures to see them score first.

Thomas Tuchel’s men have also now kept three clean sheets in a row in the Champions League.

Kickoff: 10 PM (EAT)

Sunderland win over Wigan, odds 1.82

Sunderland boast one of the best records away from home in League One, only suffering one defeat on their travels.

Wigan are enduring a torrid run in League One, winning only one of their last five games and have slipped back into relegation places.

This will be a must-win game for Sunderland if they are to remain in pursuit of 2nd place and direct promotion to Championship.

Kickoff: 8 PM (EAT)

NB: The odds are subject to change but Mozzart Bet will still offer the world’s highest odds.

In a perfect world where justice prevails, perhaps Silas would be the kind of detective that the viewers expect him to be every week a new case is pursued in the Showmax Original Crime and Justice. Perhaps he’d be the best crime-solving partner Makena could ask for and not the unhurried, by-the-book detective who, most of the time, lets her carry the weight of the justice system. But the world isn’t perfect, and the justice system is flawed, especially in the real world where Crime and Justice draws so much from.

At some instances, Silas might come off as impeding justice but according to Alfred Munyua, who plays him, he’s simply a seasoned detective who has been around for years and has since resigned himself to the fact that he cannot change the system.

“Silas is not really corrupt; he just realised along the way that he can’t reinvent the wheel. And so, gradually, and without him maybe noticing, the passion he had went down over the years.”

Having been in the industry for over a decade, Munyua had been waiting for a role like Silas for years, and the complexity of his character makes it even worth the wait. “It feels right in so many ways,” he says. “I have experienced both ends of the pendulum, and I can tell you this is one of the best projects that I’ve been engaged in… but it could have come a bit earlier.”

The Showmax Original series, which airs weekly, follows Munyua and Sarah Hassan as Nairobi Metropol Police lead detectives Silas and Makena, who investigate one ripped-from-the-headlines case per episode.

A police procedural and legal drama, viewers have compared Crime and Justice to TV shows like CSI and Law & Order. Some have even tried to identify Makena’s and Silas’ American equivalents. For Munyua, a fan of such detective shows himself, he didn’t really need to draw comparisons or study his favourite detective characters to prepare for his role as Silas.

“You can’t really put a finger on Silas as compared to CSI or anything because it’s a Kenyan story,” he says.

The research he had to do to get into character was mainly from the cops he sees around. “I have friends who are detectives. I just had to draw a few of their nuances and how they carry themselves, then apply it to Silas as a character. I had to look at the dialogue, the relations between Silas and his bosses and also with his partner, for me to find who he uniquely is.”

Of course, there are parts of him that were easier to inject into Silas, especially in those moments that Crime and Justice tackles serious, topical issues such as domestic violence and femicide.

While Munyua says that Silas constantly checks his emotions, not to give away a lot, he reveals that the character is not as indifferent as he may seem. “He (Silas) feels the pain of the victims, which I totally relate to because I’m into women’s rights and equality.”

Silas is also a man with a wandering eye for beautiful women, something Munyua laughs about. “He’s charming, and he likes the ladies, which I also do,” he jokes.

Catch Crime and Justice episode 1-6 on Showmax. New episodes air every Monday. Check out a video of the full interview below:

You don’t really realize what a car can mean until you’re in dire need of one. I got to find out exactly what this truly means just the other day. It is actually like feeling more than knowing the old adage about not knowing the value of something until it’s gone.

Mine is a story very similar to a lot of others these days of Corona. I got a call at 3:30 AM in the morning. It was from my brother. Apparently, my father had been taken seriously ill and he needed to be rushed to hospital.

Now, of all the days when a mechanic could let you down, my father’s trusted mech had picked the previous day to delay in releasing the car which we had given him for a routine service. And with the curfew set up as it is, we couldn’t run the risk of attempting to pick it up so we agreed to claim it the following day.

And so there I was at the witching hour, my father in dire need of transportation to a hospital, his car at the garage and I have no car. My brother and I agreed that he would try to rouse the neighbours and see who would be willing to help. I advised him to call rather than WhatsApp the estate group because of the urgency.

On my end, I attempted to search for an available cab using one of these digital apps. There were none in my vicinity. I decided that rather than panic, I might aswell grab a quick shower and then check when I am done. In my haste, I forgot to switch on the heater so the cold water rushed down my body and caused my system to surge with a bolt of energy. I was truly awake.

I got out of my five-minute shower and attempted to search for a cab to no avail. I called my brother and he had managed to reach one of our neighbours who had rushed to our aid and they were currently en route to a hospital. I informed him of my situation and let him know that I was doing everything within my power to get to the agreed-upon hospital.

Panic had begun to set in and I decided to try my luck at the matatu stage. The reason I did not wake up my neighbours is that I had just moved into a newly built apartment and I was the first tenant. And without thinking, I set one foot ahead of the other until I made it to the stage.

To my shock, I found a solitary matatu. I thanked my God and hailed it, rushing inside. But if you have ever entered the first matatu ikifungua kazi, then you know they aren’t in much of a hurry as they attempt to get as many passengers as they can. And every minute felt like an hour to me.


Despite the agonizing wait, I patiently waited until we were on the way. My phone kept going off and I kept talking to my brother who appraised me on the situation as it unfolded. Fortunately, my father had suffered a heart attack and it was not another Covid case. Turns out the nosy driver had been eavesdropping on the conversation and when he heard I was in a rush to get to hospital, he struck a conversation with me asking me to pay for the empty seats and they would get me to the hospital.

I do not know how the heavens work but on this day, God’s machinations were such that I happened to see an ad that spoke to my very being. It was a Co-op Bank ad that promised 80% financing for a vehicle. I happen to bank at Co-op Bank but given the rush, I quickly threw this coincidence to the back of my mind and rushed in to the hospital after paying the matatu to find out what my father’s situation was.

Fortunately, it was stable. And it was only while I was narrating my morning odyssey to my brother that the ad I had previously seen flashed back in my mind. I knew what the next few days would entail for me. And you too can apply to buy a car. All you have to do for a flexible financial plan with Co-op Bank:

And lest we forget, one doesn’t need to be a client, even non-Co-op Bank customers can benefit from the deal.

The bank has partnered with World Navi to assist their clients to import vehicles safely, with up to 80% asset financing, in a drive dubbed Shika Dinga na Co-op!

What do you get when you Shika Dinga na Co-op?

  • 80% asset financing.
  • Access to high-end vehicles.
  • 100% safe & reliable vehicle importation to your doorstep.
  • 3 months warranty on engine & transmission.
  • A privilege of choosing from a wide choice of cars from various source countries.
  • All cars come with accident-free and genuine mileage certificates.
  • No risk of stolen parts or non-performance.

To learn more of this deal and options available, click here.

One can alternatively visit the nearest Co-op Bank branch and speak to customer care agents.

Mozzart Bet is offering the world highest odds in Leicester City, AS Roma and Partizan Belgrade’s matches this Sunday.

Leicester City win over West Ham United, odds 2.45

Leicester City possesses an unbeaten record in their last five visits to West Ham, a run that has seen them win thrice and draw on two occasions.

Brendan Rodgers’ side also have an impressive record on their travels suffering just one away league loss all season.

West Ham will be without two of their most influential players in the name of Michail Antonio and Declan Rice for the encounter.

Kickoff: 4:05 PM (EAT)

AS Roma win over Bologna, odds 1.82

AS Roma have made Stadio Olympico a fortress going unbeaten in 13 of their 15 games at the venue.

Paulo Fonseca’s side will be brimming with confidence after securing a 1-2 win over Ajax away from home in the UEFA Europa League on Thursday.

This is a must-win clash for Roma if they are to qualify for the Champions League next season through the league route.

Kickoff: 7 PM (EAT)

Partizan Belgrade win over Radnicki Nis, odds 1.28

Partizan Belgrade holds an impeccable record at the Partizan Stadium where they have not been defeated in their previous 20 league matches.

Aleksandar Stanojević’s side will be looking for a response after their loss against their eternal rivals Red Star last time out.

With their impressive form at home, Partizan have scored in 47 of the last 48 home games and will look to preserve the record against Radnicki.

Kickoff: 8 PM (EAT)

Further, with SPINS from as low as 10 Bob, Mozzart is offering you a chance to hit big wins from a number of Live Casino games including Live roulette, Baccarat and Black Jack.

Mozzart Bet is offering the world’s highest odds in arguably the biggest fixture in the football calendar, Barcelona vs Real Madrid including RB Leipzig, AC Milan and Galatasaray matches on Saturday.

Aside from the boosted odds, Mozzart also has the Ksh200 Million Super Grand Jackpot of predicting the final results of 20 football matches with a minimum stake of Ksh50.

Barcelona win over Real Madrid, odds 2.55

Reigning league champions Real Madrid welcome Barcelona to the Alfredo Di Stefano Stadium where they have been poor as three of their four league defeats in 2020-21 have arrived there.

Real Madrid will be without the services of their two first-choice centre-backs in the shape of Raphael Varane and Sergio Ramos.

Barcelona will enter this weekend’s contest off the back of six straight victories in Spain’s top flight.

Kickoff: 10 PM

AC Milan win over Parma, odds 1.80

AC Milan will travel to face struggling Parma having posted 12 wins, one draw, and just a solitary loss away from San Siro this season.

So impressive has been their away form that currently find themselves on a three-match winning streak on the road.

Parma have been in contrasting form away from home having scored a league-low of nine Serie A goals at the Stadio Ennio Tardini and losing seven of their last nine home league outings.

Kickoff: 7 PM

RB Leipzig win over Werder Bremen, odds 1.47

Bremen arrive into the clash in a poor run of form having lost three consecutive league games, leaving them still battling relegation.

RB Leipzig will be looking to return back to winning ways after their deflating defeat against Bayern Munich last time out.

Julian Nagelsmann’s side possess Bundesliga’s second-best away form after winning seven games, drawing four and losing two.

Kickoff: 4:30 PM

Galatasaray win over Karagumruk, odds 1.62

Galatasaray will be looking to get their title charge back on track after suffering back-to-back defeats against Rizespor and Hatayspor that leaves them in third place.

The 2019 Turkish champions have dominated this head-to-head encounter with 11 wins, 2 draws, and 3 defeats in 16 clashes against Karagumruk.

Galatasaray currently trail log leaders Besiktas by six points and will be looking to bridge the gap with nine games left to the end of the season.

Kickoff: 7 PM

It’s a new era.

There’s an immediate need to re-examine traditional life tenets, basics and principles.

A century ago, what was used as the yardstick in society norma and expectations have taken a complete paradigm shift.

For instance, owning a car is no longer a luxury. It’s a necessity.

Modern day issues have forced people living in urban areas to rethink that bias in favour of the countryside or further off suburbs.

While one may still work in the city, the family can be based in the village. This means a lot of commuter hours.

A random weekend drive to the village means enough supplies on the return trip to last the family an entire week – fruits, vegetables or even live chicken!

The typical family car has become a means to provide for the family – what with job layoffs and salary cuts.

Perceptive family men are comfortably earning a decent income from boot sales, either in groceries, second-hand clothes or even parcel deliveries.

The list of possible side hustles owning a car affords is endless. The major problem for most entrepreneurs is acquiring one.

There’s a way one can easily get a brand new vehicle with a customised, flexible financial plan with Co-op Bank.

Wait, lest we forget, one doesn’t need to be a client, even non Co-op Bank customers can benefit from the deal.

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  • A privilege of choosing from a wide choice of cars from various source countries.
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  • No risk of stolen parts or non-performance.

Take advantage of this opportunity. Its time to get a brand new car for your family, and get another way to make extra money from a side hustle!

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One can alternatively visit the nearest Co-op Bank branch and speak to customer care agents.

There’s an unofficial creed to follow when riding in someone’s private car. It’s a little like crashing in someone’s crib. In Kenya, it goes a notch higher….

Here’s a few pointers to follow.

Agree to the owner’s views on contentious matters in the duration of the drive. Topical matters that demand loyalty or some societal bias, say politics or sports, the car owner enjoys a monopoly of ideas.

Just pray that he commands some decent acumen.

The trick is to steer the conversation from sports if his team is hanging by a thread from possible relegation.

It’s your duty to curse errant drivers you meet on the road. It doesn’t matter how incompetent he is, remember which team you rooting for.

A special bonus is earned if you roll down the window and scream at a clueless boda boda guy.

You hail from an angry republic – it’s time to vent that anger.

Thou shall not touch the stereo. I repeat, for all austerity. Aside, it makes sense: it is HIS stereo. Make a prayer that the tape cassette playing rhumba on loop gets jammed.

Sometimes, providence may smile in your direction and your host has an ear for good music.

Enjoy the ride, but do not sing along if the host is not – hitching a lift doesn’t give you an arena to showcase hour vocal prowess.

Asking for a lift in the village comes with additional tags. Cars get scratched by overgrown hedges. Cars get stuck in mud, or hit undersides on big rocks.

Follow the driver’s cue: if he wants to check out the car, get out too. Make a scene. Get sprawling on the ground to check the car’s innards. Is there a scratch?

This is the perfect time to remember high fuel taxes, county funds and how that doesn’t reflect in decent roads.

Be aware of your standing in society. Are you important? Or is there someone else more important’er?

Enroute, the host may be inclined to offer someone else a lift.

In Kenya, the front seat is sovereign. Be sure to offer your seat if you deem the other passenger as of higher social standing. Chances are they’ll turn it down, but, woe unto you if the host has to ask you to vacate the seat.

If you’ve been this embarrassed, then you’ll jump at the slightest opportunity to own your own ride.

Perhaps, it’s time to make your own playlist and enjoy it on a long drive.

There is a simple way – by taking advantage of an awesome, pocket-friendly financing deal thanks to Co-op Bank in partnership with World Navi – heavyweights in automobile acquisition.

Co-op Bank has partnered with World Navi to enable their clients to import vehicles safely, with upto 80% asset financing!

The importation process takes no more than 60 days. The car is delivered to your doorstep, like pizza!

This is a chance to make your opinions count on the long drive.

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You know how we have just come from the long Pasaka Weekend? Well, I was looking forward to it for something else; a guilty pleasure if you will. I was looking forward to the latest episode of my favourite show, Crime and Justice.

And boy does it deliver. It actually also got me thinking about how Kenyans rant and rave about shows such as “24” and “Blacklist” yet do not give our own homegrown talents the same opportunity to blow our minds because trust me when I tell you that everything about this show is stellar!

Showmax Crime and Justice

We have Sarah Hassan, John Sibi-Okumu, Alfred Munyua and the rest of the cast that are immensely talented. the acting is not overdone nor is it plastic. You even get excited with every twist and turn of the episode as you live through the experiences of our favourite detectives.

Showmax Crime and Justice

Detectives Silas and Makena

And seeing Kenyan locations that you can relate to adds to the excitement because everything feels that much more immersive and authentic. But back to the most recent episode called “Homegrown” and as the name suggests, it is a rather creative take on terrorism that might have found rich soil to take root in at our universities.

The episode does not shy away from bluntly portraying Kenya’s procedural police work and the fact that the two detectives have made peace with the fact that they have to do everything within their power to keep their city safe.

What’s more is that Showmax allows you to get to watch this great show and a whole host of others for just three hundred and eighty shillings. That’s right, 380. Check it out here.


Joginder Singh.

If that name doesn’t ring a bell, and evoke pleasant Easter memories, well, you missed out on exciting exploits of a motoring sport legend.

Joginder Singh (file image)

Joginder Singh (file image)

Joginder is non-arguably the greatest driver to cast in the now-defunct Safari Rally, mid-60’s to late mid-70’s.

The Safari Rally was traditionally set over the Easter weekend, and for good reason – it’s the rainy season.

It was an endurance rally, and only the best in terms of driving skills, hands-on engine tinkering experience and physical endurance could hope to complete it.

Joginder, who later earned the moniker ‘The Flying Sikh’, proved his mettle in all aspects.

The legend had started out as a spanner boy in his father’s garage, and this greatly inspired his exploits behind the wheel.

The Flying Sikh grabbed his first victory in 1965, in a Volvo PV544, with his brother as the co-driver. He later switched to a Mitsubishe Colt Lancer 1600 GSR to clinch victory in 1974, and 1976.

It’s in this Colt Lancer that Joginder’s feats made him world famous.

For instance, the 1968 Safari Rally was planned to run the entirety of the Great Rift Valley, and end in Nairobi.

Joginder got the No.1 car tag – which, in rallying circles, is considered jinxed. And it proved so, halfway in the rally.

He was flagged off the ramp first, but, halfway, his Mitsubishi Colt developed clutch problems.

It was rainy and getting stuck was normal.

Somewhere on Mau Escarpment, he watched around 20 of his competitors zoom past in a spray of muddy water, as he tried fixing his transmission.

His Colt couldn’t engage forward gears, just the reverse gear.

Joginder, being Joginder, turned his Colt around and started playing catch up, in reverse.

Subsequently, he managed to overtake almost all of them, stuck in the mud along the route – in reverse gear!

In that rally, he finished 3rd – having driven the last half in reverse gear – in extremely muddy conditions.

Easter hasn’t always been so boring, and slow. It was a season of adrenaline-filled rally fiesta.

The menu was two-way: Either extremely muddy, or extremely dusty.

Motoring was raw. The rally cars were pretty basic – none of the fancy bells and electronic assists in modern cars. To triumph, you had to be in the game.

Easter would find us hogging cattle ruts in the route picked by the rally organisers. If beyond the region, it was a favorite past time following the live reports of the rally via the national broadcaster.

That’s how Joginder Singh gained immortality, and genesis of the saying: He drives like Joginder…

This year, Easter has been ruined by the ravaging pandemic that has resulted in curfews and lockdowns. There’s not much to choose from, in terms of marking Easter with your family.

However, while observing the measures, one can still have an Easter break in select restaurants, outdoor camp grounds and some bit of travel.

One easy way to be safe is to avoid tangible cash – as security against scheming thieves and the pandemic.

The use of Co-op Bank Visa cards is a sure fire way to keep safe from the virus, and take advantage of awesome discounts negotiated by Co-op Bank for their clients using the Co-op Visa cards, Co-op ATM’s and Co-op Credit cards.

You’ll have fun with family shopping for gifts, paying for fuel or food and accommodation – and still get to save a lot of money.

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Happy Easter!

Mozzart will go to incredible odds for charitable causes

The gaming giant has purchased Christian Ronaldo’s armband in an auction, at a whopping £64,000.

To make it more palatable, that’s Ksh 9.64 million!

What’s inspiring is that all this was for a greater cause: it was a charity auction for the medical treatment of a little Serbian boy – Gavrilo Djurdjevic.

Mozzart participated in the auction, primarily because of its humanitarian cause, together with the strong desire to awaken the importance of social responsibility in other individuals, companies and organizations.

The captain’s armband of Cristiano Ronaldo, thrown to the ground of the Belgrade’s Maracana after the Serbia’s World Cup qualifier match against Portugal, was bought by the company Mozzart at a humanitarian auction and thus provided 7,500,000 dinars for the medical treatment of little Gavrilo Djurdjevic!

The auction was hosted online through Limundo platform by the organization “Together for Life”, which ended this morning at 9.38am, when Mozzart’s offer was declared the highest.

Speaking at the event, Borjan Popović, Director of the Corporate communications sector of Mozzart, said:

We decided to participate in the auction, primarily because of its humanitarian cause, together with the strong desire to awaken the importance of social responsibility in other individuals, companies and organizations.  For many years now, Mozzart has been helping many organizations in charge of raising the money  for the treatment of children”.

He further says:

We immediately joined the auction with the desire, not only to elevate the required amount  for the little Gavrilo, but also to raise the awareness of how necessary it is for all of us to be united and to continuously provide the support to such actions”.

The auction got the entire Serbia moving, which is why we hope that as many people as possible will now get involved and help, in accordance with their financial capacities.

As mentioned, Ronald⁷o angrily threw down his armband near the touchline after his injury-time goal was disallowed.

After the match, it was picked up by a young firefighter on duty Djordje Vukicevic, with the human purpose of helping little Gavrilo.

Gavrilo was born on September 7th 2020, and three months after his birth, he was diagnosed with a rare neuromuscular disease SMA 1 (spinal muscle atrophy type 1).

You can read HERE how you can help Gavrilo  in his difficult fight.

The Fund has provided its first investment in Kenya in the amount of $10 M to Co-op Bank.

The subordinated loan will be on-lent to sustainable agribusinesses, contributing to the fund’s mission of conserving biodiversity, promoting the sustainable use of natural resources, and mitigating and adapting to climate change.

The investment will provide much-needed financing for businesses to enhance sustainable measures in their agricultural practices, particularly important in light of the challenging operating environment created by the COVID-19 crisis.

Agriculture is the backbone of the Kenyan economy, employing approximately 75% of the rural population, and making up 34% of the country’s gross domestic product.

However, commercial lending to the agricultural sector remains disproportionally low. This funding gap limits the ability of producers and processors to invest in sustainable production practices, further compounded by the economic fallout caused by the global pandemic.

The investment aims to provide financial resources to those that need it most, while simultaneously promoting conservation finance as mainstream.

Co-op Bank is the third largest commercial bank in Kenya, and the primary bank for agricultural cooperative societies.

Through this new investment, the Fund and Co-op Bank will provide necessary credit to sustainably certified agribusinesses, such as those in the coffee, tea, and horticulture sectors, Kenya’s main agricultural exports.

By financing green measures such as solar and hydroelectric installations for tea factories that reduce reliance on fuelwood, and cold storage solutions that reduce post-harvest losses, the partners hope to boost sustainable production practices and conserve the unique ecological landscape of the country.

Dr. Gideon Muriuki, Co-op Bank Group Managing Director

Dr. Gideon Muriuki, Co-op Bank Group Managing Director

Dr. Jens Mackensen, Chairperson of the Board of Directors of the Fund, stated:

“We are excited about our fist investment in Kenya: A country rich in biodiversity and opportunities for sustainable development. This new partnership with Co-op Bank promises to be a fruitful one as the bank is well positioned to act as an enabler of sustainable production practices. Only by providing tailored financing to the agricultural sector, a key driver of economic activity and sustainable development in Kenya, can we collectively promote green finance with the goal of generating positive environmental and social impact.”

Commenting on the sign-off of this partnership, the Group Managing Director and CEO of Co-op Bank Dr. Gideon Muriuki said:

“Right from our founding as a bank for agriculture co-operatives, we have always strived to support farmers in their journey to achieve sustainable livelihoods. This new partnership with Fund that makes available USD 10 Million for on-lending to farmers is a winner on many fronts; it provides financing that is structured to suit the financing cycles of agriculture, and also comes with the support mechanisms to assist farmers to make a successful pivot towards sustainable, climate-smart agriculture.”

Helping Kenya’s healthcare system has been a priority in Mozzart’s socially responsible work in recent months.

But, the goal of these actions is not only to improve working conditions of health workers, but also to establish support for the entire community.

Leading gaming company Mozzart donated Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) worth Ksh 4 Million to the Kenya Police on Tuesday 30 March.

The donated equipment included isolation gowns, nitrile powder free gloves, shoe covers, 3ply face masks with shields, 3ply protective face masks and disposable bags.

At hand to receive the donation was Mr. Nyale Munga, the Principal Assistant to the Inspector General of Police Hilary Mutyambai who thanked Mozzart.

“On behalf of the Inspector General and Kenya Police, I would like to thank Mozzart and we hope this is the beginning of a mutually beneficial partnership” He said.

Mozzart Country Director Mr. Sasa Krneta thanked the Kenya Police for serving the country even in the midst of the dangerous Coronavirus pandemic and reiterated the company’s commitment to helping Kenyan communities.

“We appreciate with gratitude the exceptional work the Police Service are doing in the country to ensure there’s peace and safety for everyone. Mozzart is very delighted to donate PPES to the Police in this exceptionally hard times,” he said.

“We hope these PPEs will aid in reducing the spread of the virus. The aim is to protect them (police) and the public in the fight against COVID-19 and to combat the spread,” he added.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Mozzart has invested over Ksh 60 million in the fight against Coronavirus by donating vital medical equipment to more than 30 hospitals around the country.

The donations included hospital beds, bed side lockers, patient monitors, oxygen concentrators, surgical masks, infant phototherapy machines, infant incubators amongst others.

The company also launched the “100 Wells for our communities” project that is aimed at delivering clean water to various communities around the country.

Few conversations are ever as insightful as conversations with people who have mastered their craft and conquered their world. Pascal Tokodi is one such individual and I got the pleasure of sitting down with him and talking alittle about this and alittle about that.

Pascal Tokodi became the talk of the town when afew weeks back, while the country was busy minding its own business a video surfaced on social media that showed a chance encounter between him and President Uhuru Kenyatta.

When this happened, in the few seconds that the encounter lasted for, Pascal asked Uhuru Kenyatta to watch his show, Selina, on Showmax. This was a very brave thing to do but it was also a very divisive statement it would later seem.

You see, a lot of Kenyans were hoping he would raise some issues affecting their lives and chief of these was the lockdown curfew. And what do I mean by this? Alot of guys wanted him to turn into an activist.

Instead, Pascal Tokodi did the smart thing and banked on himself. He excitedly asked the president to watch Selina. And as a result, he says he has experienced a surge of interest in his show from quarters as far out as Kenyans in the diaspora.

I recently got to sit down with him for a chat and we had alot of things to discuss. Chief of which to me was to find out what he thought about the backlash received and how the gambit paid out for him. We discussed other topics including his advice to aspiring actors and even how to discern between good advice and great advice.

Ozy: Afew weeks back, you chanced upon President Uhuru and you decided to promote your show and your craft

Pascal Tokodi (PT): Yeah

Ozy: Did you expect the varied reaction guys had? Some supporting you and others against it?

PT: Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but at that moment, I couldn’t have asked him a lot so I said what I had to say and I took off.

Ozy: How did that unexpected promotion pay off?

PT: I really don’t know the back-end analytics of the full nini but what I saw from social media was guys who did not used to watch Selina took an interest in watching it. I was even getting queries from guys like in Florida asking how they can get to watch the show. It was great seeing guys who hadn’t watched Selina before this take an active interest. For me I did my part in pushing the show.

Ozy: So that means you got a new audience right?

PT: Exactly!

And if you are also keen on finding out why the show has managed to maintain all the curious people who went to watch it after all the furore, well you can catch it on Showmax aswell as a whole series of awesome Kenyan shows that are done to international standards and I guarantee will keep you glued to your screen for just 380 bob. You read that right, three hundred and eighty bob is all it takes.

Soon enough, the conversation veered off into discussing the fact a lot of Kenyans are now willing to bank on their talents and dreams. Here we spoke about the fact that people only see him now that he has made a name for himself but they do not know the struggle he had to endure.

The focus for us was averted to discussing mentors and the advice you receive when it comes to navigating your career.

Ozy: By the time we get to know about celebrities, artists actors and comedians, they are harvesting the fruits of their labour. What advice would you give young talent when it comes to the whole journey, especially those trying their hand at acting?

PT: I would tell them not to be ignorant. How can I put it? Look to those who came before you and learn from their experience. I know this industry and there are a lot of unseen pitfalls and they are steep. I would say, learn from our experiences. Look at what they did wrong and what they did right and create a path from that. You shouldn’t fall into the traps that caught up the ones who came before you.

I feel like a lot of our legends who came before me did us a disservice by making the industry as a whole look bad. And then there are the likes of Nameless and Wahu who have shown that there can be balance without drama. They are raising their family and are still relevant without unnecessary scandals. They are great role models.


The conversation has served up two great gems: the first being that fortune favours the brave and the second being that mentors and having role models is an important aspect of success. Afterall, forewarned is forearmed.

You haven’t lived if you haven’t sunk your toes in the white sands and gulped for breath in the ocean surf on the Kenyan coast.

People tell awesome stories of their coastal retreats, albeit generously peppered with hyperbole.

This story is neither awesome, nor laced with additives. My first solo trip had lots of fun moments, but Son of Adam is wired to record the outrageous. Normal is boring.

Well, cue in my first semester break. I decided to backpack to the coast. Backpacking is the fall-back option for travel enthusiasts on a budget. None of my mates was crazy enough to join, so I travelled solo.

I had pored over a tourist map detailing exquisite spots to visit. I couldn’t miss Wasini Island.

Wasini Island is an idyllic tourist spot on South Coast. It’s the far most island, and a quick perusal online described a land of positivity, friendly people with a mixed heritage.

Wasini is a few nautical miles to Tanzania, or Zanzibar. That’s why ‘mixed heritage’ tagged at my heart strings – I’ve always liked to meet people from these lands.

A shoestring budget notwithstanding, I landed at Shimoni. This is a small town, that’s serves the island. There’s a dock, with all sorts of boats – fishing and passenger boats to the island and beyond, tanker boats, and other sorts.

The locals are drawn like magnets to visitors. A lone, backpacking student got noticed in an heartbeat. Even less to recognise a budget-traveller!

The boat fees to cross to the island vary. I chose the lowest. Turns out that I chose a dug-out canoe. This was a fisherman from the island who had delivered his day’s catch to the mainland.

My prior sailing experience was limited to a few rounds in a boat at Uhuru Park. I was then five or six, on a family day out over Christmas. It wasn’t exactly sailing, those boats have pedals!

The canoe is long and narrow. A lot like the biblical path to heaven. We squeezed in, the fisherman and I facing each other on opposite ends.

He hands me a container, a jerry can cut in half. Says nothing. He grabs a pair of oars and pushes off the pier.

When you make a bad decision, the universe is ruthless. I realised, immediately. The canoe started filling up. Am trying to lift up my back pack. The fisherman points at the half-container with his lips. He’s rowing.

I have to keep throwing out water! My backpack is getting wet! The sea is tossing us in the air like balloons! Am literally inches away from the water!

It was dusk – at some point all I could see were tiny dots of light across an endless expanse of black water!

If you’ve watched ocean documentaries, then you’d know the horrors that abound in the deep sea.

I was shaking. Half from the chilling cold, and the other from the fear of the unknown! I found myself praying – even calling on my ancestral gods!

Some how, we made it across. I could have voted that nonchalant fisherman the greatest sea captain that ever sailed.

In retrospect, I discovered that in times of uncertainty, my default setting is deeply religious. Thankfully, the people and the general ambience on Wasini Island gifted me an incredible holiday.

There’s a choice of pocket friendly options available for travel enthusiasts – courtesy of a partnership between travel magnates Bonfire Adventures and Co-op Bank.

Co-op Bank has negotiated a deal for clients wishing to book a Easter holiday retreat through Bonfire Adventures.

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Bonfire Adventures have an amazing array of travel packages covering the Kenyan coasts in its entirety. All exclusive resorts and spots from the North to the South Coast, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime Easter offer.

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Happy Easter!


Coastal people are very homely, friendly and social. A complete contrast from the mad rush in Nairobi.

The true definition of Undugu. A problem shared is a problem half-solved. Pleasantries and genuine concern for the next person are part of the social fabric.

Everything moves at its own pace. Greetings are a way of life. The people spread joy and at any given opportunity.

Beach attire

How do you spot watu wa bara? The way they dress when going to the beach.

This is your one time to showcase your chiseled abs, long legs or silky-smooth skin. So, your swim wear needs to be packed well in advance.

Just because you aren’t getting into the water doesn’t mean you can’t look stunning for the gram with sun-kissed snaps.

As the world slowly adjusts to living with the ravaging pandemic, a break is now more important than ever. A breather to get things in order and soak in life.

It’s time to prepare your gang to break the No-Travel monotony of the past year.

And what’s a better way to go to the coast than with your squad? Even better, when it’s all catered for and your job is just to show up and enjoy?

This could be possible for you and your friends courtesy of gaming platform, Betsafe.

Betsafe is awarding four friends with an all-expenses paid trip to Mombasa, in a promotion that runs from Friday 5th March to Wednesday 30th March – and it’s snatch-easy.

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A draw will take place on 31st March to determine the competition’s winner. The winner will be contacted via direct message asking them to confirm their name and number.

The winner is at liberty to pick three friends to enjoy the free trip to Mombasa. Cement your position in the Friendship Hall of Fame!

However, only players above the age of 18 and Kenyan residents are eligible to play.

All the best! Gather the gang!

BetLion, Africa’s leading gaming platform, has today released the largest jackpot in Africa. Dubbed the BetLion Goliath Jackpot, customers will get a chance to win a share of 350 million shillings by correctly predicting 20 games with just 100-shilling entry.

For the players who correctly predicting 19, 18, 17, 16 and 15 games correctly they will be eligible to receive jackpot bonuses of up to 100 million. The jackpot will be available to play on SMS, USSD, Web and Android App.

“When we launched in Kenya, we did promise to a product construct that is not only exciting but also rewarding. The release of the BetLion Goliath Jackpot, Africas Biggest Jackpot, is a true testament to that promise,” stated Spencer Okach, BetLion’s Managing Director.

Part of the proceeds of the Goliath Jackpot entries shall be channeled towards sport development.

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