Celebrated gospel artist Eunice Njeri set to headline The BY2C Gospel Awards Gala in Arizona, USA

December 10, 2021 at 17:32
Celebrated gospel artist Eunice Njeri set to headline The BY2C Gospel Awards Gala in Arizona, USA

Prolific Kenyan gospel artist Eunice Njeri flies out of the country in readiness to perform as the guest artist at The BY2C Gospel Awards gala. She’ll be hosted by US-based Kenyan artist, Msanii Foreman.

This is the gala’s second edition, slated to go down at Glorious Celebration Centre, Arizona (US) on 11th December 2021.

US-based Kenyan Afro-Genge artist Msanii Foreman (file images)

The gospel award gala celebrates, and awards budding gospel youth artists.

Msanii Foreman is the brain child of the Bring Youths To Christ (BY2C) Awards, that was an initiative meant to nurture and mentor young talents – using gospel music.

The award shares a platform with Arizona Swahili Radio that broadcasts exclusively in Swahili across the States.

The BY2C Gospel Awards have different categories, and the gala streams live on Arizona Swahili Radio online platforms – Facebook and Youtube channel on 11th December, from 12pm to 6pm.

The Song of The Year 2021 categories is flush with excitement. All the artists in the category are quite phenomenal, each commanding impressive following with near-perfect releases.

Gospel songsress Grace Wamagata’s hit Miracle Working God, is lined up against Nisafishe, a hit by Jesus Man and SK Sadik’s Show Me Your Way.

Other artists with songs in the category include Esther Wamagata, Alice Mwamini, Dawin Munene, Liz Namnyak, Stephano Iddy, Zemirah Wanjiku and Paskal Tone.

Male Gospel Artist of the Year 2021 category pits Morris Ndungu aka Jesus Man, Dawin Munene aka D-Worship, Pascal Tone, Stephano Iddy and SK Sadik and Jermy Alex Brady

Female Gospel Artist of the Year 2021 has the gifted songbirds Liz Namnyak, Alice Mwamini, Esther Wamagata and Grace Wamanyaro. It’s a tight contest.

Other categories recognise inspiring efforts and outstanding personalities in the wider gospel industry, like:

Young Pastor of the Year 2021 category pits firebrand youth evangelists, on and off the pulpit. Evangelism involves partial skills in mentorship and leadership.

The nominees are Tom Elius Mwangi, Benny Ndegwa and Morris Ndungu. The latter two are also nominees for the Youth Leader of the Year 2021 category.

Meanwhile, Msanii Foreman is yet to confirm the release of his latest album. It’s a project that the Afro Genge artist has featured a variety of leading artists.

Of great interest, grapevine has it that the album features a collaboration with striking US model cum artist, Monique Hasbun.


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