Drive Inn Primary School benefits as Mozzart renovates drainage and donates equipment worth Ksh.1,000,000

November 06, 2021 at 12:31
Drive Inn Primary School benefits as Mozzart renovates drainage and donates equipment worth Ksh.1,000,000

Education is the key to a better future for children, but without properly equipped classrooms, many kids struggle to learn.

Mozzart company recognized the importance of creating a safe and comfortable learning environment and donated 100 desks to Drive Inn Primary School in Nairobi.

Mozzart’s Country Director Sasa Krneta, Serbia Ambassador to Kenya Dragan Zupanjevac and other dignitaries were led by school officials in inspecting a drainage system that the company funded its renovation.

Thereafter, they officially handed over the new desks to the school.

The school’s headmistress Catherine Chalo thanked Mozzart and the Serbian Embassy in Kenya saying the gesture will go a long way in ensuring the students learn in a safe and better environment.

“This is great day for as as a community. We are really happy for the donation and what we have done to us. Now our pupils are no longer going to be squeezed as it has been. Now they are going to be comfortable learning.” She said.

Ambassador Dragan Zupanjevac urged the pupils to work hard and also thanked Mozzart for being involved in community projects in Kenya.

“I am very happy to hear today. We really thank our Serbian embassy and Mozzart Bet Kenya for coming through and initiating this. Let’s continue to support each other in developments especially education. Kenya and Serbia are good friends.” He said.

Mozzart Country Director Sasa Krneta reiterated the organization’s mission to support Kenyan communities.

“As Mozzart, we have always been willing to support community projects. The community is always at the center of whatever we do and we are always eager to assist. It is much easier to do so when you have institutional support, and in this case also great help of Embassy of Serbia in Kenya.” He said.

“I would especially like to thank our Ambassador for the initiative, we worked together in this mission to assist these children to attain their full potential,” he added.

“I really hope this donation will help create a safe and comfortable learning environment. We saw here today a lot of kids that are really determined to learn and the least thing we can do is to give them something that will enable them to achieve their goals,”

Krneta said that Mozzart’s ongoing CSR activities will continue and that they we will put more resources to help communities around the country through several initiatives.


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