Finally, there is an exciting offer getting Kenyan men thrilled over household shopping!

August 21, 2020 at 18:50
Finally, there is an exciting offer getting Kenyan men thrilled over household shopping!

Therapy doesn’t have an handbook.

To handle stress and depressing situations, many people find their peace in different things. A lot of people want to travel to new places, meet new places. A road trip is very therapeutic – there’s magic in the open road. If lucky, an open-top roadster is a blessing.

A famous global poet admitted to spending lone times at a remote waterfall. The  sheet of water falling endlessly down the cliff to end in white foam and mist on the rocks below soothes the soul.

For other souls, hiking over difficult, remote trails works magic. A fair amount of bird watching along the route adds to the allure. Perhaps, it’s the smell of the woods, or the addictive testosterone as body limits are pushed to the extreme.

In some of these cases, being in an area without cellular network coverage is the secret. In the normal daily hustle and bustle, the gadgets never stop ringing. So many people to talk to, so many deals to close, so many deadlines to meet – its sheer heaven to get away from the madness once in a while.

It’s a chance to recharge the soul’s batteries.

On the domestic front, shopping comes as an easy option – it’s very therapeutic. The ladies love to shop. Most Kenyan ladies will go nuts with a good shopping spree. Needless to say, lots of emotional baggage is left behind in malls and arcade aisles. Its nature, perhaps.

Universally, however, men have never been taken in by shopping. It’s a necessary evil, an insufferable feat. A lot of men will gladly pass the monthly shopping chore to their spouses for a quiet drink and easy banter at the neighborhood barbershop.

This month, though, there’s a deal that has got Kenyan men visibly excited about household shopping. Granted, there are numerous comical scenes of a willing dad, trying to pick a brand of detergent from a couple of brands, but, still…..

This deal that’s changing the perception is The Angukia Discount Promotion in collaboration with Naivas Supermarket.

Shopping online from Naivas Supermarket has its perks.

When a Co-op Bank client shops online on Naivas and pays with the Co-op Visa Card, the client enjoys a refund on the delivery fee for all purchases worth above Ksh.1, 000.00. This Delivery Fee Refund is automatically deposited in the client’s Naivas E-wallet within 24 hours to be used in the next purchase.

The Angukia Discount Promo runs from 24th July – 18th September, 2020.

This online shopping deal has changed the hassle that has menfolk avoiding household shopping like the plague.

What’s more?

Co-op Bank clients can easily track their money from the comfort of their homes, through the New Co-op Internet Banking platform. A client can pay shopping and utility bills like KPLC, Water Bills, etc. It’s also easy, fast and secure to transfer cash between accounts within the banks, or other banks.

It’s easy to self-register on New Co-op Internet Banking, click here. Or, visit the nearest Co-op Bank branch for assistance from the banking staff.


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