Have you had a debtor skip payment but instead has a story that slides sideways immediately it starts?

November 12, 2020 at 01:34
Have you had a debtor skip payment but instead has a story that slides sideways immediately it starts?

Meet Antony Kwalanda.

Kwalanda is a work colleague, and owes me money. We share an employer, and the same pay date. I expected payment, but, instead, Kwalanda has a story.

Well, I’m convinced to listen, and it’s a heck of a story.


A few months ago, a rather poor couple moved in next door. I live in Likoni, some place called Bondeni.

They were native Kisii’s – and you know how friendly Kisii’s tend to be. No, it’s not stereotyping. It’s just what it is. A few days in, we are friends and they tell me how they eloped from their Nyakemincha village. The guy’s extended family disallowed their relationship – citing distant clan relations.

We grew close.

This is a couple out in the urban jungle with no contact from their relations in the village. But, thankfully, the girl’s family wasn’t so held up on who she chose to date or cohabit with.

It happens that the girl grew up with her maternal grandmother, and she wanted to show her the beach ‘before she died’.

Fair enough.

So my neighbors book their elderly grandma a seat in one of the night buses from Kisii. She travels safe, and they pick her at dawn from Mwembe Tayari terminus.

I met her once in the hallway. She’s elderly, but quite sprightly, and chirpy. Much like my neighbor, her grand-daughter.

Grandma is jovial, and seems like fun. Heck, she even offers me a portion of the gifts she brought. Just bananas, but, still……

Well, a week runs by. Grandma spends a lot of time on the beach. Perhaps it’s the cold from the water, or the constant shore winds, but she caught a severe cold.

She died.

Me: Wait, Kwalanda, slow down. What did you say?

Him: She died, right there on her bed in their spare bedroom!

Right after her granny kicks the bucket, the girl lets rip that her grandma’s wish was to be buried outside her hut in Nyakemincha, Kisii.

Which is alright, except that my neighbors do not have much in their savings to fund such a burial, especially not in far-off Kisii.

It costs quite a sum to hire a hearse from Mombasa to Kisii.

They turned to me for help. I had to give them all I could spare so they could hire a private van to transport their grandmother back to Kisii.

Kwalanda ends that story with a forlorn, mournful look.

A few days later, I learn that he neither lives in Likoni, nor does he have Kisii neighbors. He’s just skipping paying his debts.

After a somewhat funny confrontation at work, over tea break, Kwalanda is nailed. He makes a money transfer on his phone from his Co-op Bank account via the MCo-op Cash App to my account.


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