How does the Co-op Bank Pre-Paid Card make life easier for a student in school?

December 28, 2021 at 00:30
How does the Co-op Bank Pre-Paid Card make life easier for a student in school?

High school, ain’t just about academics. It’s full of surprises. There’s a whole lot to learn.

There’s the inevitable social angle: How do you relate with people from other communities? It prepares a student for a larger world with strange languages, other tribes and cultures.

There’s the societal standing. A lot of students hail from poor to average backgrounds, high school is one long lesson on how to not compare self with others.

A youngling learns how to integrate with people hailing from completely different backgrounds.

It is what it is.

A factor that remains constant is the clamour by senior students to take advantage of new, naive students. While over the years the bullying dragon has largely been slayed, it still exists in other forms.

The typical bully’s magnet is the allure of pocket money.

The ingenious seniors employ all sorts of uncanny tricks to relieve newcomers of their pocket money.

Some were straight incredulous – say, a senior would come into the form one class dressed in smart casual clothes, pretending to be some club’s patron – and, he’s on a quest to recruit new members.

The wide-eyed freshers would be awed by the smartly-dressed club patron, and the registration fee would be fixed at a modest 100 bob. Freshers would scramble to register.

That’s how freshers would be dubed to join fictitious clubs – The Forest Club, The Young Rotary Club, et al.

It’s common, and unethical, but senior students would break into the fresher’s lockers and boxes. The trick to safeguard this money was to think like a thief – how best to hide your money.

A lot of freshers would spend weeks walking around with money in their socks. Or, rolled up in polythene and buried somewhere in the school grounds.

It was hectic. A lot of prep time is spent wondering if the stash is safe.

Cue in the modern times, where digital banking has taken over, and this predicament is easily solved.

Co-op Bank has availed an innovative, safe and easy way to safeguard your child’s pocket money from risk of loss to marauding bullies.

As it is, a student can now worry less about their money’s safety and keep to their studies.

The Co-op Bank Pre-paid card allows a parent to load cash into a card which a student carries to school.

Whichever your choice of bank is, all one has to do is walk into the nearest Co-op Bank branch and sign up for the card, and your childs needs are handled.

What are the benefits of a Co-op Bank Prepaid card?

  • No need for your child to carry loads of pocket money as they head to school, you can simply load it in the Co-op Prepaid card which is safer than carrying cash.
  • The student will be able to pay for items at their school canteens at No Extra cost.
  • Parents will be able to track their students sending by getting a Mini statement of the card at a Co-op Kwa Jirani agent or via SMS alerts.
  • You no longer need to travel all the way to the school to hand over money to your child, you can simply load the card at any Co-op Kwa Jirani agent.
  • The students are also able to withdraw money using the card from any Co-op ATMs or Co-op Kwa Jirani agents outside school.
  • You dont need an account with Co-op bank to enjoy the benefits of the card.
  • No extra charges will be incurred in transactions using the card.

It’s prudent to visit the nearest Co-op Bank branch to learn about Co-op Pre-paid card, or click here.


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