How to match your creativity with the right and rewarding career

June 11, 2021 at 05:35
How to match your creativity with the right and rewarding career

If there is something we take for granted, it is the fact that we are who we are. Whether for you that means you are creative or whether that, means you are more logical and better suited for technical pursuits, we often do not pay that too much mind after high school and even less while we are in university or college.

I remember when I was in high school, I knew what I wanted to do but that was only because of the pressure from my teachers, pressure from my parents and some of it from my friends to pick a profession that was perceived as right for smart students like myself.

My options were ironically limited to either medicine, engineering, law or at the very least, actuarial science. My temperament mattered little to our guidance counsellor nor my interests to my parents.

For me, I was caught up with being part of the cog in the machine of education and I was meant to simply churn out the results that would avail to me the options stated above and even then, my parents expected me to do the right thing and pick what they directed me to.

And I have spoken to my peers and younger cousins and they too feel trapped in this type of loop. But I was lucky enough to have a brother who helped channel my creativity with words to a career I feel suited to me. You too are lucky enough to have a service like Craydel open up in our country.

Have you heard of Craydel? It’s a website that specializes in offering career match assessment online and get career and course recommendations ensuring you get the best advise of how to choose a career path best suited to your unique personality traits and passions.

I would strongly advise you to check it out or share the links with anyone you know who is either at a career crossroad or is thinking of which career to pursue. All you need to do is to buy the assessment online and get career recommendations.

Craydel helps you by guiding you towards a career that you would flourish in. Visit today and take control of your destiny.


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