MCo-op Cash: Bringing the basics of traditional banking to your home!

November 17, 2021 at 18:00
MCo-op Cash: Bringing the basics of traditional banking to your home!

Atop the list of innovations that have greatly revolutionized human lifestyles, is digital banking platforms. As it is, banking directly touches every sector – industrial, tourism, trade, education – and so on.

In trade, it’s a make or break deal – a robust digital banking platform makes alot of difference in cementing a clientele foundation.

Co-op Bank’s innovative online banking platform has wracked up a solid reputation with their mobile banking app, known as MCo-op Cash.

It’s readily available on free downloads from Playstore, for Android phone users. It’s built with easy-to-install, step-by-step activation process.

The app is basically a portal that allows a Co-op Bank client access to their account from anywhere across the globe.

What are some of the advantages of Co-op Bank online banking?

– It’s easy to view account balance.

– Check recent transactions.

– Make cash transfers to other accounts – within Co-op Bank or to other banks.

– Easily clear utility bills and subscriptions like power bills, water bills, internet and DSTV subscriptions. The app has preset payment data for several service providers.

– The app provides an interactive access between various bank accounts.

– The MCo-op Cash app allows a client to monitor multiple Visa and debit cards linked to the account.

For example, a Co-op Bank client can easily monitor or top up Visa cards used by a student – fast and securely.

– It’s easier to generate statements, that are conveniently sent to the registered email address, thereby cutting back time that would be used in applications at bank branch.

Co-op Bank online banking is not limited to MCo-op Cash app, on Android phones. It can be accessed through any internet-enabled gadgets like tablets and laptops.

Alternatively, for situations a client doesn’t have access to an internet connection, they can use Co-op Bank’s USSD number *667#.

This brings easy to follow prompts to access the account and make desired transactions.

How does a client register for Co-op Bank online banking?

– You can log in and transact using any internet-enabled device including mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

– Registration is INSTANT and FREE of charge. All you need is your National ID and any of your Co-op Bank ATM cards. To learn how, click here.

– You’ll create your own username and password, which you can re-set anytime in case you forget or feel the need to change.

– Every time you log in or do a transaction, you’ll have to enter an OTP (One Time Password) which is sent to your mobile number or email address.

– This is a security feature Co-op Bank has in place to keep accounts secure.

MCo-op Cash App is easy to navigate. Instantly, it avails all the basics of traditional banking to the user’s fingertips in the convenience of their homes.


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