Step aside, Santa Claus. The allure of new clothes is what made Christmas Day magical….

December 16, 2020 at 00:13
Step aside, Santa Claus. The allure of new clothes is what made Christmas Day magical….

For kids, the Christmas week is certainly the favorite time of the year.

The usually strict parents loosen up a wee bit. Even the perennial frown on Aunt Jessica softens into occasional beaming smiles. Bedtime is allowed to stretch late into the night curled up on the sofa in pajama’s watching Santa-themed stories on national television.

Snacks? No rationing.

It’s the time to binge on a year’s worth of candy and cake. Speaking of kitchen treats, the menu chart on the kitchen wall showing what’s cooking on what day is ignored for a while – mother goes on overdrive churning up delicious, rare delicacies.

It’s awesome that no one remembers to send you to the study room citing how badly you flopped in last term’s end papers.

It’s a good week to be alive.

What’s more memorable is the family shopping trip to get new clothes. Oddly, most dads keep clear of this errand. It’s usually up mother’s alley. To be sincere, dads mostly keep away from shopping of any kind.

Ha! Ha!

The allure of new clothes would drive us crazy. I mean, we’d get new clothes through most of the year – but, special Christmas Day clothes had this magnetism.

Suppose we’d get them a week or so before D-day, we wouldn’t get much sleep. Most part of every night would be spent trying and re-trying them. It’d force discerning parents to keep them hidden, till the day.

New shoes? It gets hilarious.

If you didn’t spend a night wearing new shoes under covers, your childhood was a boring one, or at best, lackluster.

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