Hot Hairstyles For Men

To hell with all those that think the saloon is for ladies only. As a guy, you have to keep looking sharp, to maintain your status as a ladies man. I have come to learn that males love attention from women, and this gives them some sort of power an ego. To achieve this, you have to choose the perfect hairstyle. Here are some hot hairstyles for men.


Some men love to keep their hair short. It gives them a responsible look, but the challenge is, you have to carry a comb in your back pocket. Hair can be trimmed into a cut, marine, tsunami, and various other styles, as preferred by you and your barber.

A nice clean hair cut
A clean shave can be attractive

A black American style that depicts a man as gangster. What we do not know however is that you can pull off the cornrows with a suit, and still look like a responsible young man. Just do not wear any studs or bling, if you want to maintain a gentle look with the cool rows.

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Cornrows and a suit make a man funky and handsome
Style the hair the way you want

Weather short or long, dreads are probably the hardest type of hair to maintain. A man can either become a nuisance, or look really hot with this type of hair. Some women love guys with dreadlocks because they appear very unruly and rebellious.

A hot man with dreadlocks
There is also the short dreadlocks

From way back, afro hairstyle has been adopted by young guys. Many older men are afraid that they are too grown up for that. The secret about the afro is that it makes you look younger than you are, and gives you the perfect shape for your face.

A hair cut with afro
You can shape it the way you like



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