22 year old girl claims she is Judith barbirye’s daughter

February 06, 2019 at 08:48
22 year old girl claims she is Judith barbirye's daughter

A 22 year old girl, identified as Amina Nalweyiso, has come out with claims that Babirye is her mother.

The girl claims she discovered that the politician, Judith Babirye was her mother at the age of 16. This truth was revealed to her by her foster parents.

Despite what many may think, Amina says she doesn’t want Babirye’s riches but she wants a mother and a family to belong.


Babirye denies her claims Saying “She is the sixth girl trying to blackmail me.”

Well you would hope that a woman knows the children she has birthed.


  1. may b sh z let Babie axcept

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