Wiz Kid Jets in Today.

December 06, 2017 at 11:59
Wiz Kid Jets in Today.

Ugandans almost suffocated when they were informed  that Wiz Kid has missed his Flight yesterday. Everybody thought this was a repeat of what had previously happened, and they were ready for the most heated up reaction of the year. His show is set for Thursday, and reports that he arrived late at the airport and missed the flight that was to bring him to Uganda From South Africa. The artist will however be here Today.

The loyal Nigerian star kept his fans relaxed, when he kept updating them on his twitter page. He wanted everyone to know that the show is still on, and he is on his way to the country.

Wiz Kid kept updating his fans that he is on the way.

Thursday Night with Wiz Kid

Following a small disappointment sometime back, Wiz Kid, in an effort to make it up to his fans, organized a concert in Uganda, this Thursday 7th December. The tickets have been on sale, the stage has been prepared and his crew jetted in early this week.  The event is to take place at Lugogo Cricket Oval, and we all know it will be lit. Entrance is 30,000 shillings ordinary and 100,000 VIP like we already know. The show will start at 4.00pm. Various Ugandan artistes and DJs will also performing alongside one of Nigeria’s finest artists.

We know the date, the time and place. The artist has confirmed, all we are left with now, is to attend.


  1. Ugandans have been waiting for so long

  2. It better be worth it

  3. If he flops,fans will be angry like hell

  4. Hope the performance will be amazing

  5. Welcome to Uganda Wizkid

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