Hassan Muwonge, Supervisor of “De Bar”, where Radio was Assaulted, Arrested.

February 01, 2018 at 19:25
Hassan Muwonge, Supervisor of "De Bar", where Radio was Assaulted, Arrested.

The news that has filled the entire country with pain and sadness today is the death of singer from the duo, Goodlife. He celebrated as not only a musician, but a talented song writer, artiste and creative.  The entire country is mourning Mowzey Radio and you can tell that the pain and sadness has been spread all over.

His  fans, friends and fellow artistes made their way to the hospital, to witness what is being called the saddest incident this January. From the hospital, to the streets, Mulago City Mortuary and finally his home in Makindye, the roads were filled

Crowds and crowds of fans flock case hospital after the announcement of the death of singer/ musician, mowzey radio


Following his death, that occurred as a result of a disagreement in a night out bar/ club. The police has committed themselves to open up an investigation. Our sources report that the police have talked about arresting the bouncer that beat up the Uganda sensational singer. His name is Geoffrey Wamala. Wamala will be charged with murder of the singer.

Mr Hassan Muwonge, is a worker at “De bar” in Entebbe. It is from here that Mowzey Radio was beaten into a state of comma by a bouncer. Hassan was earlier today arrested by the police.

Millions of people, from all fields’ politics, music, radio and DJ, fans, friends, doctors, are all in mourning, and sending endless condolence messages. May his soul rest in Peace.

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