Flavis, Crystal and Siima new Ambassadors for UBL’s “GirlsAgainstDrunkDriving” Campaign.

March 07, 2018 at 07:00
Flavis, Crystal and Siima new Ambassadors for UBL's "GirlsAgainstDrunkDriving" Campaign.

As we draw near to the day that celebrates the woman worldwide, Uganda breweries has launched a campaign to be led by women. The GirlsAgainstDrunkDriving campaign, seeks to realize the role of the woman in preventing accidents that occur due to the use of alcohol. It is to breach to women to be careful as they drive, but also make use of the position they have in the lives of their spouses and children, to ensure they do not drive while drunk. To spearhead this initiaive, Radio and TV personalities have been chosen. Prominent and inspirational women. Crystal Newman, and Flavia Tumisiime and Siima.

Flavia Tumusiime, a news anchor and radio presenter


The three ambassadors chosen for this initiative both hold the cause dear to their hearts. They are determined to preach safe driving till the end. Crystal Newman posted;


I am truly proud to be part of this campaign #GirlsAgainstDrunkDriving. We need to make conscious responsible decisions as women behind the wheel. But also looking at how we can influence the decisions of our loved ones.

A woman must be able to influence the decisions of her loved ones

This campaign will run for a period of three months. With the various platforms these ladies are able to access, they will do a great job. Congratulations.


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