Bebe Cool Joins Hands To send Baby with Heart Condition to India

March 12, 2018 at 16:23
Bebe Cool Joins Hands To send Baby with Heart Condition to India

Bebe Cool is doing some good things for the people of his country. A month ago, he posted on his Facebook page about a lady who was seated at his gate waiting for help, for her baby with a heart problem. The “Want it” singer contacted ACDIPE and found out that there are 5 more children and mothers in the same situation. Last week we learnt that the Gagamel Boss, had helped one of these women to get some help. Together with support from some individuals, he has managed to send one of the babies to India.

“My heart melted coz i know the pain of mother seeing her child loosing her life yet many people can do something.” he mentioned.

The babies mother outside Bebe Cool’s gate


Bebe Cool took his success to share with his various fans on Facebook. He posted;


“This afternoon, I have managed to flag off the first baby with the heart complications to India with support from Mr Aga Sekalala of Radio Simba. A journey of 1000 miles begins with one step forward. Let’s put this young mother and her baby in prayer. Six more babies to go and these are our Ugandan children. More help is still needed.thx”

This sick baby has been helped. There are still many children who need our support


Thank you for the great work you have done, Bebe Cool. Let us join hands to help these children.


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