GNL Zamba in New Band With Wife Tamar

April 26, 2018 at 18:48
GNL Zamba in New Band With Wife Tamar

It is amazing and interesting when the person you love shares the passion you have for a particular activity. Meet GNL Zamba and his wife, Miriam Tamar. The two are both in the musical industry, and have devoted their talents to create a bigger experience for the world.

The two have come together to form a band, “Nsimbi” to create greater music together.  The Ugandan rapper, is currently based in the United States of America, where they have started a life together. They will now bring us a mixture of flor, rap, pop and some amazing lyrics.

GNL Zamba and Wife Tamar, in new band, “Nsimbi”


On his social media page, we could already see that this artist is more than excited to share these new talents with us. He posted;

“We’re excited to announce our new wave collaborative project NSIMBI that we hope will bridge gaps between people and spread love through the world. Our self-titled album is just weeks away!

Great Job and we can’t wait for the music


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