Aisha Nabukeera’s Nasty Breakup. Boyfriend Calls her Roasted Chicken

April 16, 2018 at 04:55
Aisha Nabukeera's Nasty Breakup. Boyfriend Calls her Roasted Chicken

Screenshots of Aisha Nabukeera’s nasty breakup have covered social media over the past couple of days. It also has a post that the fomer made on her Facebook, about the mean boy he dated, who called her a roasted chicken.

Nabukeera, who is activist and politician, Frank Gashumba’s adopted daughter took her rage straight to her s, and poured out her anger. She posted;

“You have hurt many girls with your lies,but this has gone far. I am not posting this because I am angry at you calling me a ROASTED CHICKEN and UN PRODUCT, but st want to let you know none of that will ever put me down

Aisha issues a word of advice to ex boyfriend

Aisha, whonis at Uganda Christian University, was dating a one Sharif Muhatsi. We are yet to discover who he is, that heart our dear so bad.

Some of the sections of the conversation

It was a nasty breakup between the two



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