Bebe Cool’s “List Of Artists That Deserve Full Recognition”

January 08, 2018 at 06:46
Bebe Cool's "List Of Artists That Deserve Full Recognition"

Bebe Cool has lit a fire that has been boiling water since the beginning of the year. He unleashed a list, which he termed as, “List of Artists that deserved FULL recognition”

The Gagamel boss, in a Facebook post started with appreciating the efforts that new Artists had brought to the Music Industry. He also said thank you to the DJS who have continuously played the songs, and the finally to the media that has covered Ugandan Musician.

The heat started when Bebe CooL released his list of artists that deserved full recognition for 2017. He posted;


Below is my list of artists who deserve full recognition/credit for 2017 entertainment in Uganda & their songs accordingly.

Bebe Cool enjoying himself a outside the country after releasing b the list

Ykee benda-Superman,Eva,Malaika
Fik fameica -Byenyenya,Kutama
Irene ntale -Kyolowoza,Stamina daddy
Roden y kabako-Stani tonkema
Vinka -Over dose,Malaika
Voltage music-Over dose,Cheza Mama
David lutalo -Kwasa,Wolololo
Eddy yawe & carol nantongo -Tukigale
Moureen nantume -Ndi muzade,Malidadi
Spice diana -Bukete,Anti kale
B2C -Nyongera,Gutamiza,Akapande
Gravity Omutujju -Cricket oval
Lydia Jazmine -Nkubanja,Chery,drum
Bebe Cool- Katono,Mbozzi za malwa,Nananana,18 & Over.

Mariachi locally
Mad rat & Chiko locally
Salvado internationally.

I want to give special credit to Abrianz for organising what am confidently calling Africa’s top fashion show in Uganda and this is the point where I call upon the Ugandan government/my president to directly support by financing this young man because the event sells Uganda beyond our boarders and fashion is also a key factor in promoting/keeping our culture.

He went on to add;

“If i have not mentioned your name as an artist,or if i haven’t mentioned your artist’s name as a fan,your free to edit my post and include your self or artist”

Different fans are fuming, as to how he left out Bobi Wine and Eddy Kenzo, who have been the major headlines of the year. Eddy Kenzo himself cannot sit down. Catch the action on the post on Facebook.

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