Brian white and Weasel not seeing eye to eye

February 14, 2018 at 09:50
Brian white and Weasel not seeing eye to eye

Self styled tycoon Brian white and weasel manizo have had a serious fall out.

After the death his singing partner Mowzey Radio, Brian White pledged to support Weasel financially. He said he had signed him as one of the singers that would be singing at Brian White Foundation forthcoming occasions.

That, however, seems to have fallen flat as the two have developed misunderstandings according to sources.

Brian White accuses Weasel of siding with some of the people that wanted to beat him. Weasel also shunned a gathering organized by Brian White in Kaga on Wednesday and opted to be at Neverland, Makindye with his Goodlyfe members and singer Jose Chameleone. This angered Brian White and he has since withdrawn his support.

Weasel is already is studio working on his first track titled, “Kinuma”.


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