Bryan White and His Big Heart. See Photos!

March 12, 2018 at 19:12
Bryan White and His Big Heart. See Photos!

It all started when a city socialite gave out money on National Television. We all thought that this was a wave of dust, that would go by in a few days. Many imagined that this was  a show off stunt, especially after the passing on of Ivan Ssemwanga. Little did we know, it was the birth of a person with a vision for the population.Meet Bryan White.

Some of the patients that were helped by Bryan

Donations worth millions


Brian Kirumira, continued to spread his message via his Facebook Page. He constantly called upon youths who had business ideas, for his input and support. This celebrity was in Mbarara a few days ago, doing what he does best. He launched his foundation, “The Brian White Foundation” and left many saying beautiful things about him.

Bryan White bends to help a patient that he visited

Bryan White has done pretty much most of the things that we who claim to be Christians cannot. He has given to the needy, shared with the hungry and even given to the sick. He is small but a man with a huge heart.

Donations to the hospital

Different categories of people attended

We do not care about the source of his money, for he is using it to do the best for the country. Thank you Bryan


  1. God bless you

  2. great job

  3. jah bless

  4. you will be added

  5. keep doing good unto others and good will follow you

  6. nakaima suleah : August 6, 2018 at 3:06 pm

    be blessed alwayz

  7. Thanks brother . I too am also in need of ur support to fund my piggery and banana plantation project that am planning 2 start . U can send in my line which is 0785550406

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