Capital FM’s Marcus Kwikiriza Announces his retirement

December 06, 2017 at 11:41
Capital FM's Marcus Kwikiriza Announces his retirement

Marcus Kwikiriza has graced the radio Mic with his Deep sexy voice and witty impressions for 18 years all over East Africa.

The Big Breakfast show host on Capital FM has announced that he is Finally going into retirement.


Marcus who has been hosting with Jackie Lumbasi and Oulanya on Capital Fm’s Morning show gave us a lot to look forward to. He was also On Capital FM in Kenya.

Marcus is the second Presenter to retire at capital This year following veteran DJ Alex Ndawula.

He made the announcement on social media where he posted:

“What started as a vocational job in S6 vac back in ‘98 (Sanyu Radio) has ended up giving me a very fulfilling career and opening more opportunities than I can care to admit. It’s been 18 years of active radio work taking to me to 3 countries and 7 different radio stations.

The time has come to hung up the M.I.C…..(at least the one for radio)

To everyone that I have worked with in Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda, I thank you all for helping me improve my craft. Besides my home town Kla, I feel welcome in all 3 countries thanks to all of you.”

Marcus will have his last radio show on Friday, December 15.


  1. Finally,all the best man

  2. Wish him all the best

  3. Okay,someone else will enjoy that position atleast

  4. Happy retirement

  5. It was a pleasure having you around

  6. marcus please come back we already missing you

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