Desire Luzinda has bad luck-Former Client

September 13, 2017 at 16:10
Desire Luzinda has bad luck-Former Client

It must be hard to be Desire Luzinda in this era! She has now been publicly accused of having bad luck as one of her clients posted on a picture she uploaded on Facebook.

The commenter only identified as Lian Lian wrote that after inviting Luzinda to perform at her wedding, she was abandoned by her husband during the honey moon.

While this is sad for the vict6im we could not help but laugh at Luzinda’s response bashing the user for her lack of marital know how and then blaming it on others.


Either way, we love you Luzinda, keep shining!


  1. Nanyini kitone

  2. My miss universe

  3. Haha business lady

  4. love you so much my girl

  5. Beautiful figure

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