Don Zella Happy About The Break up Between Zari and Diamondz

February 15, 2018 at 10:30
Don Zella Happy About The Break up Between Zari and Diamondz

Team Zari has been battling a lot of people, and all the haters are smiling over the break up. One of them is Don Zella.  The Ugandan Socialite, who is a new friend to Zari’s co/ Diamondz former side chic Mobetto, expressed her joy.

Don Zella, and video vixen Mobetto became friends at the time when Zari was battling the later  over Diamondz. The two ganged up to battle the boss lady, using an end of year party, that had a matching date as Zari’s. Mobetto, who is a mother to one of Diamond’s children, had previously attacked Zari Hassan on social media, by posting photos of her and Diamonds, and posts with provocative words.

Zari kept calm about the issue, and managed to pull out a white party that beat Don’s Red one. Yesterday however, she came out to show her fans how she truly feels about her cheating hubby. She officially broke up with the famous Tanzanian singer, and left no stone unturned.


Don Zella and her partner Hamisa Mobetto


Like loyal team mates, Don Zella applauded Mobetto and reminded her that God was on her side.

“My missa God is with u fighting yr battles continue praying love u sooooo much”

She posted on her Instagram, alongside a photo of Hamisa Mobetto. Let us wait and see how the story unfolds. Will Hamisa run back to Diamondz? Might he accept? Shall Zari Hassan and Diamonds get back together? Lookslike there is more to this story that we are about to find out.


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