Douglas Lwanga and Anita Fabiola Premier Their Show “The Katchup”

February 12, 2018 at 06:52
Douglas Lwanga and Anita Fabiola Premier Their Show "The Katchup"

What happens when you put two talented celebrities together? Two of the hottest, and amazing presenters of all time,  came together to air an amazing show. Anita Fabiola, and Douglas Lwanga are doing it on NBS TV, and it is lit. The Katchup, their show premiered three days ago and left everyone in amazement.

The Katch up Team doing their thing

This month, Douglas, the former presenter of NTV the beat, cleared the rumor about having been fired from the TV station. We knew he was headed to NBS TV, but little did we know he was going there to spice things up in a new show. He teamed up with Fabiola, also a former NTV presenter, of the show “Be My Date”. They will also be joined by MC Isaac to deliver this amazing programme, the Katch up


Lwanga Douglas and his Co-host at NBS TV


The show was alive, as many people turned up to form the live audience. It was aired at around 10pm for one and a half hours, and Douglas dropped a little of his purple party mix into the room. Ugandan Rapper, Mun G was also there to bring the house down. The curvaceous Fabiola then showed the fans how to party. The TV show has been trending since then, and do not miss new episodes every Friday, running until midnight.

Crowds attended the live show and could not help but party

Congratulations and great job on this new TV show. This could be the next big thing on National Television.


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