Eddy Mutwe, Bobi Wine’s Body Guard Charged with Treason

September 13, 2018 at 06:31
Eddy Mutwe, Bobi Wine's Body Guard Charged with Treason

The hunt for the person that threw tha magical stone at the Presidents convoy, and broke the rare glass window of the car has not yet ended. The latest news coming in is that Eddy Mutwe, the bodyguard to Bobi Wine, has been charged with treason.

Edwards Ssebuufu, aka Eddu was grabbed  Semakokiro Plaza, around his home area by state operatives in August, at the time when his boss, singer/ MP, Robert Kyagulanyi was still imprisoned and undergoing court trials. A few from now, the bodyguard will be produced in front of the Gulu Magistrate Court.


The Grade one Magistrate Yunus Ndiwalana has remanded Mutwe, to the Gulu Central prison until October 1, the day they are to appear in court, and answer the charges against them. They will be brought together with the 33 people previously arrested others, on similar charges of treason.

Of these over thrity people, who do you think threw the magical stone?



  1. free eddie mutwe

  2. Let him stay in the woods

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