Fashion Trends Baptized With New Names.

November 13, 2017 at 05:01
Fashion Trends Baptized With New Names.

The best thing about being a fashion designer is that you can create the impossible and call it something else. These fashion trends have come back from way back, but been branded with another name altogether. Either way, let us enjoy them.

Kundi Show: Crop Top

This old school top that we used to call Kundi Show came back, but showed some new, fresh and urban attitude. Many say the difference between the two is that the Kundi show shows the umbilical chord whereas crop top only exposes the lower belly. I say No!

kundi show

Army: Camouflage

We used to call these outfits; army. Just army. We had it in all forms. jackets, trousers, shirts and dresses, but mostly caps. Well when army came back, it decided to pimp up a little and call itself camouflage, because that is the reason soldiers wear that print


Damaged jeans: Ripped Jeans

Some of us still use the word damaged to refer to these type of jeans. Others even call them without the d; “damage” But the new name is ripped jeans, and many are rocking it like never before. The beauty is that any of us can actually make them.

Ripped Jeans

Sneakers: Neon Lace sneakers

Sneakers came back with a new style. All you had to do was switch the shoe laces of a green pair with one of  a white pair, and you will be super fashionable. The sneakers that came in 2016 had neon laces.



  1. This is cool

  2. Ripped jeans rock anyday

  3. Crop tops are taking over again

  4. Those sneakers are cool

  5. I love camo

  6. wow

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