Fashion Trends That Don’t Grow Old

November 14, 2017 at 06:08
Fashion Trends That Don't Grow Old

Fashion is ever changing, and constantly revolving. Sometimes, what we wore in the 80’s can be back in another century, more stylish than it was before. Here is a list of fashion trends that you can use in any year and still rock it.

Denim: This jean like cloth is an old school fashion, that you can still rock in any century and at any time of the year. Coupled up with Jeans, on top of  a dress, or tacked into a skirt, denim is  the way to go.



The T-shirt in Checked Shirt: This American style of wearing a checked shirt on top of  a blouse, or shirt for me, is cool and posh. It displays a cool, calm and down to earth personality, and can go on both hot and cold weather.


Braids: Many women say it is because it makes the hair grow faster. No matter the reason, anytime of the year is braids time. It can be styled, or kept in a bun.


High Waists: From way back, the trend of tacking in a nice shirt into a jean or skirt is still with us and not going anywhere. Easy to adopt for both official and casual, the high waist gives you class.

high waist

Animal Print: No matter where, no matter how you wear it, animal print will always be sexy and sassy. From the 80s till now, it has always been a much celebrated style, that many have, even in interior and decor.

Animal print

If you have any of these in your closet, don’t throw it out, because these fashion styles are forever living.


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