FiFi Da Queen ashamed of her “Unfashionable” family

December 07, 2017 at 08:06
FiFi Da Queen ashamed of her "Unfashionable" family

Bukedde TV presenter, Fifi da Queen is in endless fights with her family over Property.

The presenter’s sister Sarah Nakamate  accuses Fifi of harboring motives to take sole ownership of their Nsambya house.

Fifi recently introduced her lover in a function at the house because her village is in a sorry state and shaming to her.


Nakamate, according to a source, says Fifi is leveraging on her status as a celebrity to claim control over the house and other properties.

The two have over the months been involved in heated arguments and only separated by relatives.

Never forget where you came from FiFi

It is rumored that Fifi barred Nakamate and other relatives from attending her ‘Kwanjula’ ceremony accusing them of not being unfashionable enough to mingle with her ‘important’ guests.


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