Five Places You Can Meet The Love Of Your Life

February 14, 2018 at 12:28
Five Places You Can Meet The Love Of Your Life

There is always someone fro everyone, but you can never know whose yours is. You never always have an idea about where or when you will meet. Here are some places where you can meet the love of your life.


There is a common saying that not everyone’s story is the same. Many people rely on the fact that you either meet the one at school, or never. There are couples who have dated right from high school. University however, gives a larger sample space to choose from.



Do not ignore that young man/ woman constantly staring, grinning or doing nice things for you. Who knows? He could be the one. When you work, you tend to meet different people from other organizations, professional qualification, and areas. It is up to you to interact and be as social as possible.

Interacting with workmates can score for you some points.

Social Media

Much as there are very many times con men access social media accounts, It is also a  good platform to identify the one you love. There are many who can testify that a face book comment, gave them a lifetime of happiness. Do not be shy to share and interact with people, even if you do not know them.

Public Places

These places are filled with a variety of people. Churches, restaurants, Malls etc, all provide potential platforms for a strong relationship. Always look your best when leaving the house, and send out the right picture you want your mate to see.

It is not only you looking out for love. There are a hundred others fighting to get hooked, and may even be in the same room/ place as you. Happy Valentines Day. Also read;


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