Flash Back Friday: A look at Kampala then and now

January 11, 2019 at 06:19

Looking at the development in Kampala city now, it would be almost impossible to imagine what it looked like back in the days of our parents. Thanks to records and flash back Friday,  we bring back to the good old days of Kampala in the 1960s

1. Kampala road

This is the business hub of the city with new buildings springing up everyday but what did it look like way back when only the rich had cars.


And here is Kampala road now

Looking at the above pictures can you imagine roads with no jam or taxis, or Boda Boda?

2. Rubaga cathedral

Looking at the achievements of the Catholics including banks and hospitals but most importantly the cathedral on Rubaga hill.

Rubaga cathedral in the 1960’s

And here is the magnificent cathedral now.

Looking at the pictures side by side you can see that the architecture was conceptualized way back when and the vision has been maintained.

3. Makerere university

At least 70% of Ugandas graduates have gone through makerere university and it still continues to be the country’s most prestigious school. But do you remember what it looked like before the drama with naked professors and strikes.

Makerere university

Here’s makerere university now

4. Mulago hospital

With the renovation of Mulago hospital, it changes the picture of what was even more.  The main hospital block was the the only block back then serving the entire country.

Mulago hospital in the 1960s

Mulago hospital now

5. Uganda Parliament

Uganda parliament then

Uganda parliament now


Which part of Kampala Do you think has changed much?

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