Fuel Prices Hit Spice Diana Hard

July 19, 2018 at 12:47
Fuel Prices Hit Spice Diana Hard

Spice Diana mayhave gone bankrupt these days as she even have got to an extent of changing the means of transport from cars to boda bodas.

In a picture we have shared to you, she is seen jumping on a boda boda for transportation around Lugogo UMA show grounds.


To make matters worse, she was covered in a jumper with a hoody covering all her head but we managed to sneak and picture her as she had a friend covering her from the behind. This situation caught our attention and left us wondering why on earth she would use a boda boda yet she owns two cars.

Maybe the hiking fuel prices have caused this to her and it should be noted that she owns a Harrier Kawundo and BMW cars and after a thorough research, we found out that these cars consume much fuel moreover they use petrol. When our snoops asked why she normally uses bodas these days, she replied that who arte they not to see that the fuel prices are hiking.

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