General Tumwiine swears in as the new security minister

March 13, 2018 at 13:44
General Tumwiine swears in as the new security minister

President Yoweri Museveni today presided over the swearing-in of new Security Minister, General Elly Tumwine at State House, Entebbe. Tumwine was vetted last week on Tuesday by the Parliamentary  following his appointment on Sunday, March 4.

“I urge security personnel and the public service at large to work as a team because it is the surest way to success. When you work as a team you benefit from the knowledge of others. People should contribute their ideas and ensure success thereafter. People should not be shy to help each other in terms of management”, Museveni stated.

“Our security sector needs to keep up with advancements in technology. There is nothing that the Government cannot acquire if it is important. All technology gaps must be filled.The security leadership must also keep re-orienting their staff. The security personnel must know their mission and be able to fulfill it.”

Museveni  congratulated Gen Tumwine upon his new appointment and wished him well.


  1. Those glassss?

  2. Congratulations to him

  3. Now sort security in Uganda

  4. Is that print of elephant on his shirt

  5. Stop the kidnappings now

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