“I am Not Sorry For My Social Media Post”, says Betty Nambooze

June 25, 2018 at 05:02
"I am Not Sorry For My Social Media Post", says Betty Nambooze

Mukono Municipality Member of Parliament, who was previously arrested has finally spoken. He arrest was due to an apparently offensive post she published on her Social Media page after the death of Ibahim Abiriga. Abiriga, the Arua Municipality MP, was murdered near his home in Mityana. Following  a  post by the Daily Monitor, we learn that she is not sorry at all. The newspaper reported that Nambooze, aired out he views on the incident.

Nambooze takes off Abiriga’s cap during a scuffle at parliament


“I have no regrets whatsoever for my social media post on the late  Abiriga because there is nothing wrong I did. If what I wrote hurt his family, then I am sorry. But if it hurt Museveni, then I am very happy. Actually, I met Abiriga’s family at Parliament and we had a chat but  Museveni now fears the social media revolution,’ she said.


The Member of Parliament has since her arrest been bedridden, because the injuries she had once sustained had been awakened. Her situation has been getting worse with time. We will keep you updated on the story.

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