Jackie Chandiru to make a return to music

January 09, 2019 at 13:06
Jackie Chandiru to make a return to music

Jackie Chandiru has set out to return to the music scene after going silent for quite some years for rehabilitation. Jackie who was a part of the most successful girl group Blu*3 for many years alongside Lillian Mbabazi and Cindy Sanyu fell off the wagon since her white husband left her and she fell into drug abuse.

Jackie is said to have been using Heroine and cocaine excessively that caused her mental disorder where she had to leave the public eye to get healing. She is now fully recovered and has recorded music with Chameleone and will resume live performances.

She said in an interview that she is here to take Sheebah off the top female artist crown which rightfully belongs to her.



  1. Ya we lost her 4 long time. we are ready wellcome her.

  2. U are welcome dear , I know u are better than them, go gal

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