Kaliro woman stabs husband for denying her Sex

January 11, 2018 at 09:23
Kaliro woman stabs husband for denying her Sex

Sex is one of God’s greatest gifts and there are people willing to kill for it.

Harriet Nambi, 24, a resident of Nakiyanja Village in Kaliro Town Council, allegedly stabbed Musa Batera, 25, for refusing to sleep with her.

According to Daily Monitor, she delivered a baby boy by caesarean section about two months ago. Her your husband Batera was a husband to three wives, and the chairman of Kaliro District Boda Boda Association since 2011, while Nambi is a primary school teacher in Kaliro Town.


Hasifa Babirye, a neighbour,told Daily Monitor that the couple developed a misunderstanding three days ago following accusations by Nambi that Batera had repeatedly refused to sleep with her.

“She told me that her husband was denying her sex yet she needed it. I asked her to wait since she had just been operated upon but she was obsessed,” Babirye told police.

She added, “I tried to ask her to give it time but she said she was going to harm him and when the husband returned, she stabbed him.”

According to residents, Nambi lured the deceased to their rented house and as soon as he entered, she started quarrelling which developed into a fight.

After delivering by C-section, doctors advise the couple to wait for atleast six months to allow for complete healing of the surgery.


  1. This is so wrong

  2. He did not have to die because of love

  3. This is so heart breaking

  4. This is wrong and sad,RIP

  5. Rest In Peace

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